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If you want to wow your prospective students and their parents, a state-of-the-art gym facility is a must. If you’re a school, college or University is dedicated to sports, we can design your gym around the latest innovations and research in sports performance, so your students excel in their chosen sport. Having worked alongside professional sports teams and Premiership Football Clubs, including Norwich City FC, we are well versed in design that is performance focussed.


We offer education establishments a special discount rate to make on investing in new fitness kit and upgrading out-of-date gym equipment. Contact us for a quote and to set up an account. From Power Racks for Secondary school to Slam Balls for Primary, we offer a wide range of equipment for a range of ages.

Reasons to invest in a school gym facility

From physical and mental health benefits and improved academic performance, through to social inclusion, and a happy workforce, there are so may benefits to investing in your sports and fitness facilities.
Encourages Positive Habits
Having access to an on-site gym helps develop positive physical activity habits – encouraging students (and staff) to boost their physical, as well as mental health.

Having a gym provides students with an opportunity to establish a fitness routine, especially when combined with a structured integrative wellness programme.
Promotes Strength - Reduces Obesity
Strength training including weightlifting and plyometrics, is a valuable aspect of growth, 

Gym sessions encourage bone development, healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, whilst helping young people maintain a healthy weight (decreasing the threat of obesity).
Improves Academic Performance
Having an on-site facility aids concentration and heightens energy levels of students, improving cognitive skills and attitudes, both of which are important components of improved academic performance.  

In a recent study, it was shown an onsite gym also resulted in decreased sleep disturbances, fatigue, and social isolation (of both staff and students)
Enhances Sports Performance
Attracts students who may not be engaged in athletics or competitive sports, whilst also excelling fitness levels in sports enthusiasts, increasing strength and agility.

Fitness studios can be used to encourage mindfulness whilst acting as a social opportunity for students to take part in fitness classes, from pump and aerobic sessions, through to yoga.

Gresham's School 

As part of Gresham's School continual investment in a supportive learning environment, they decided to invest in a dedicated Performance Gym, summer of 2021. 
Creating fresh, new opportunities for their pupils (and staff) to improve their health and fitness, the purpose of the facilities (and new coaches) has been to help their young athletes, who aspire to progress on to sports related opportunities after Gresham’s, as well as those on the Talented Athletes Programme, to reach their full potential. 

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