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Norfolk & Ashton



The Future of Office Gyms

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Based in the heart of Milton Keynes, Norfolk & Ashton (Property by CEG), offers companies a modern office development, with its office space focussed on physical wellbeing. Catering for several companies as part of their co-working offering, they offer a host of perks for their clients, including a fully equipped gym.

Delivered in partnership with Gym Repair Services Ltd, this Corporate Gym offers a full fitness suite. To complement their cardio machines, Norfolk & Ashton chose to include a free weight area with all the essential strength equipment, as well as a Dual Pulley machine. With a functional area providing a range of Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Plyo Box and Studio Barbell sets, they have all they need to put on a range of workout classes before and after work, as well as during lunch breaks.

In addition, residents benefit from a Health and Wellbeing Coach, Steve, who looks after the Personal Training team and provides Wellbeing workshops. 

CEG emphasize the importance placed on physical & emotional wellbeing in increasing staff productivity and team relationships, showcasing just what's possible.


The Importance of Adding A Gym To A Corporate Space...

I think that if you're an employer, and you really care about your employee's wellbeing, then this is the future.

Health & Wellbeing Coach

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