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Welcome to our Summer/Autumn 2020 Gym Equipment Catalogue.

As the fitness industry begins to reopen across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, we once again begin to refocus on our clients' needs within our gym/leisure facility. There is now, no doubt, that a digital fitness offering is an essential consideration for most fitness businesses post COVID-19, yet more than ever the draw to the gym and its community feel can not be replaced.

We at Jordan Fitness, have long been established as the go-to company for premium gym equipment, and once again this new 2020 catalogue offers exceptional value for money for gyms, leisure facilities, hotels and the health rehabilitation sector.

In addition to free weights, functional equipment and bespoke functional gym rigs, Jordan offer a host of gym staples, including quality rubber flooring and turf, all of which can be customised for your own facility.

Enjoy exploring and contact us for a quote for gym equipment for your facility, or to discuss a commercial partnership for your franchise/gym chain. 

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