Find out more about the premium materials and specific classifications used for our products.


Introducing our new JORDAN [LTR] product classification
Designated to be used within light commercial environments with lower traffic such as PT Studios, Smaller Independent Gyms, Hotels or for premium home use. These JORDAN products will display the [LTR] mark in our catalogues, price lists and online so you can easily differentiate when ordering for light commercial or standard commercial use.


SBR Rubber
A synthetic rubber derived from the joining of two monomers to form a co-polymer (SBR) gaining unique properties giving superior high abrasion resistance and elastic properties to protect against wear and tear through aging.
Find SBR Rubber on our Rubber Dumbbells.

Cast Iron
Used within our Rubber Dumbbells, cast iron offers an easy pour method to achieve the perfect shape for dumbbell heads at a lower price point for the customer, while still delivering a structurally sound weight.

Structural Steel
Used for our Urethane and Hex Dumbbells, structural steel provides a hard-wearing solid material for dumbbell heads and being a denser material than Cast Iron also enables us to reduce the size of dumbbell heads within these ranges overall.

Found on our Urethane and Hex Dumbbell heads; our specially formulated, odourless and non-toxic premium urethane coating is supremely durable, kind to flooring, and able to withstand temperature changes and UV exposure better than any rubber dumbbell.

Steel Handles & Collars
Heat treated high-quality quenched and tempered alloy steel forms our dumbbell handles with continuous knurling.
Found across our dumbbells, excluding our chrome ranges.

Chrome Plated Finish
Our chrome finish has been developed to be chip-proof and give a sophisticated look for your workout. Chrome comfort grip handles reduce slippage from sweat.
Enjoy our superior chrome and chrome-black finish on our Rubber, and Chrome Dumbbells.

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