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10k Running Tips (From Run Norwich 2018)

What we learnt from our experience at Run Norwich

When Alan, our accountant, Julia and Lewis from our sales team, and Lauren from our service department all signed up to the Run Norwich 10k run, they perhaps didn’t think they’d be running in nearly 30 degrees of glorious British sunshine.

Our weather is unpredictable at the best of times and what didn’t help was the 6 weeks of intense heat we experienced on the run up to the run. It provided a few too many excuses for not getting out for those all-important practice sessions. 

Having said that, due to their fitness levels all four achieved great running times, and all in all it really was a great experience for Team Jordan.

So how did they prepare for the 10k, what was the hardest part of the race and what would they do differently next time?  

In their own words, here’s what they had to say:

What did you do to prepare for the race?

Alan– I did several 5k park runs and also runs at work.

Julia - We did a few runs as a team beforehand but not as many as we should have done. I do however teach fitness classes in the evening as well as weight training so this gave me a head start.

Lauren - Not an awful lot of preparation to be honest, a few short 5km runs and some cardio and weights classes.

Lewis - To put it bluntly, not enough! Took part in running sessions as a team at work but should have done these more regularly.

Hardest part of the race?

Alan - The final hill climb was brutal.

Julia - The hardest part of the race for me was definitely Rose Lane, my calves burnt as I tried to run uphill.

Lauren - Hardest part was when I hit the 9km mark and only had 1km left to go I was knackered and slowed down

Lewis - Running past the person in first place on 9km when we were on the other side of the road at 3km…

What would you do differently next time?

Alan - Train more!

Julia - Next year I will prepare with longer runs and also ensure I run more uphill so that Rose Walk isn’t a challenge next year.

Lauren - Next time I’d prepare more with longer runs, more sprints to increase stamina and run more hills to increase endurance.

Lewis - Run more regularly and train in our gym to build up my fitness levels.

What one word sums up how you felt afterwards?

Alan – Proud

Julia –  Buzzing

Lauren – Relieved

Lewis - Proud

“This was the first 10k run I had taken part in without any obstacles and I thoroughly enjoyed the race. The atmosphere was brilliant and it was great to see Norwich come together to support each and every runner.” Julia

So here's our 5 top tips to prepare for your 10k race

  1. Plan in a run schedule to prepare your body
    The main thing is to plan in a number of runs, steadily increasing to at least 8k before the race. Your course may have hills which you might not be used to so worth checking the course route out and doing a few runs up hills/or on the incline on the treadmill to help train your thighs for that burn.
  1. Eat plenty of carbs before the race
    Carbs provide the necessary energy, specifically Glycogen, that your muscles need to perform on the day. For 2-3 days before the event it’s important to get you fair share so you don’t ‘hit the wall’ on race day. 

  2. On the day wear sun cream (if sunny of course)
    In the excitement of the race you might not think of the UV factor and how strong it can be early in the morning – so best to make sure that’s part of your preparation routine to avoid sun burn. Especially the back of your neck.
  1. After the race, Roll it out
    The value of a foam roller cannot be underestimated. After the race, make sure you roll out your calf muscles, hamstrings and quads. The massage will help mend muscle fibres damaged from the race. If you can get one before the race even better, and better still a vibrating Pulseroll, as research shows how important it is to use a foam roller as part of warm ups also.
  1. Don’t overthink it – Just enjoy!
    It’s quite something having thousands of people run on a quiet morning in a city, so enjoy the process and the energy such a big race provides. Just remember, at the finish line you need to keep running so as not to block all the other runners from finishing. It’s good to mentally prepare for that one as you’ll have a few steps more before you get your water.

Run Norwich is organised by and raises money for the Community Sports Foundation. Find out more about their incredible work and how to enter into next year’s race:

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Collaboration set to speed up on-track performance with King’s Lynn Tru Plant Stars 

Jordan are excited to announce a new unique brand partnership deal with the King’s Lynn Tru Plant Stars Premiership Speedway Club. We'll be supporting the Stars as they take their speedway rider performance research to a new level.

“We are delighted to be working with Jordan especially given their previous work with Williams F1 and it is great that they are also a local company".

Zak Pitt, Managing Director of Jordan, said ‘We have recently been working with many elite racing teams, including Williams F1, helping to support their performance. In this unique Speedway collaboration, we’ll see the exciting transition to on-track performance, and the results will certainly show the value that Strength and Conditioning has on the sport of Speedway.

Robin Brundle, former British auto racing driver and co-promoter of the King’s Lynn Stars has lead on this sports science research initiative "There is little or no physical performance research around the demands placed on the body of a speedway rider. Using knowledge gained from a lifetime in top-flight motorsport, we have developed a 360-degree research & development programme.”

The University of East Anglia (UEA) School of Health Sciences currently partner with speedway to deliver their 2018 Master degree in Physiotherapy. The degree course will primarily focus on skeletal and muscular trauma with the associated recovery programmes. Research so far has already led to a unique training concept utilizing functional movement, in a track side setting.
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Beat Theory – a new concept in fitness franchising

Beat Theory Fitness, the high intensity training concept, that was launched in Glasgow by ex-professional footballer Riccardo Scala in 2016 is celebrating the launch of its first English club this month in Waltham Abbey, Essex.

Jordan fitness have worked closely with the head office and franchisee in the development of the new site as an exclusive supplier of functional fitness equipment and are continuing to develop the partnership, in line with plans to open further sites in the North of England.

Beat Theory combines high intensity workouts with heart rate monitoring, to ensure that clients are getting the best results in the fastest time possible, without compromise and it’s a concept, that is proving highly popular amongst its highly energised group of followers.

Paul Ferreira, Head of UK Direct Sales said ‘We are delighted to have been chosen as an exclusive supplier of free weights and other functional kit, to assist Beat Theory Fitness, in their expansion across the UK. There is a natural synergy, between our brands in terms of our innovative approach to product design and implementation and we look forward to working closely together throughout 2018 and beyond’.

Riccardo Scala said ‘The concept of our franchise model is highly unique and as such, we have chosen suppliers who can meet our needs with flexibility, providing equipment that is durable and innovative for our customer base. Jordan are market leaders in functional fitness equipment design and manufacture and can provide custom branding and bespoke colour, which provides added value and brand reinforcement for our franchisees if required’.



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Case Study – PowerWave at Anytime Fitness

Since the start of the approved supplier relationship with Anytime Fitness in January 2012, Jordan has provided over 50 new UK clubs with equipment, with custom branded Free Weights, Functional Equipment and Studio Items, being a core part of the offering.

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