Struggling to decide which dumbbells are best for you or your gym?

Choosing the right dumbbells for your gym is crucial for an effective and fun workout. Ensuring a good weight range is available for selection supports gradual progression in training; preventing injuries and supporting safe muscle development. Equally important is the quality of materials and finish to ensure your dumbbells won't let you down.

There are all types of different styles and materials used it can be a little confusing. That's why we have come up with this easy to follow buying guide to help you make up your mind. We delve into a little about the pros and cons of each type of dumbbell and leave it up to you to decide.

We've been manufacturing and supplying dumbbells to the trade and home for more than 30 years. Our comfortable dumbbell handles and balanced designs are engineered to enhance your dumbbell workout experience making your training more enjoyable.

Here you can find a list of the dumbbells we can supply:

Urethane Dumbbells
Utilising our premium, shock absorbent urethane coating, whether you choose to make a statement in classic red or style the cool grey, our Urethane Dumbbells will make a long-lasting addition to your strength training workouts whether at home or in the gym.

Rubber Dumbbells
Pick up our best-selling dumbbells for your commercial gym or premium home studio and you won’t be disappointed. Featuring industry recognised SBR Rubber and available in our classic red or our new grey colourway.

Hex Dumbbells - Urethane
Our sleek, stylish and ergonomically designed Hex Dumbbells provide users with the ultimate workout tool for any WOD or circuit.

Hex Dumbbells - Rubber
With a classic anti-roll hexagonal design, this classic rubber HEX dumbbell features a smooth, stylish aesthetic.

Chrome Dumbbells
Our Chrome Dumbbells offer a sleek and sophisticated look whilst being great value for money.

Neoprene Dumbbells
Our vibrant, Neoprene Studio Dumbbells come in a fresh new colour set, with Hex styling. Perfect for home gyms & fitness studios, these smaller dumbbells are perfect for group workouts, offering ease of storage and access, ideal when moving from an Aerobic workout into a HIIT session.

Want to customise your dumbbells?
You can also Custom Brand our Urethane Dumbbells with your own logo and design. Want dumbbells that rep you for every rep? Add your unique designs and colours to our premium quality Custom Urethane Dumbbells so that they look less like us, and more like you. Speak to us for more details

Of course if you need anymore help with the type of dumbbells you need then please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team by contacting us at:

T: +44 (0)1553 763280


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