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01. All orders are accepted on the following Terms and Conditions of Trading.

All orders are to be sent in writing either via email or fax and include product codes.

General – In the event of any conflict of inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions of Trading, and the terms of your order, these Terms prevail, unless agreed by us in writing. No alterations to your order will be recognised by us unless requested by you in writing and confirmed by us in the same way.

Acceptance – No order shall be deemed accepted by us other than upon receipt of our official acknowledgement.

Delivery – Time for delivery is given as accurately as possible, but is not guaranteed, and is subjected to extension to cover delay caused by strikes, lock-outs, works, breakdowns, delay in transport, shortage of raw materials, Government regulations or requirements, or any cause whatsoever (whether or not similar to those above-mentioned) beyond our control.

Description – Colours, packaging and product specification may vary according to manufacturing changes, tolerances and stock availability. All descriptions and particulars furnished in price lists, literature and other documents issued by us are as accurate as possible, but being given for general information are not to be treated as binding unless specifically confirmed in writing. Any performance figures by us are based upon our general experience and are such as we expect to achieve. We will, however, accept no liability if those are not obtained unless we specifically guarantee them in writing.

Payment Terms – With order unless otherwise stated in writing. Overdue 30 day accounts will be charged interest at the current Bank of England rate. All cheques written against uncollected funds will incur a £30.00 bank reprocessing fee.

Cancellation after delivery, and/ or after delivery and installation, cannot be accepted and payment must be made in full.

09. Storage – We reserve the right to charge storage where the customer delays installation after the date of installation requested by the customer.

10. Repossession by Seller –
Where the buyer had committed an Act of Bankruptcy (or where the buyer is a limited company, a Receiving or winding up Order has been made with respect of that Company) and property in goods the subject of this contract has not passed to the buyer but remains with seller, the buyer shall, within twenty one days of such Act or Order, give notice in writing of the same to the seller and shall afford the seller reasonable opportunity and access to repossess the said goods.

The property in the goods shall pass to the customer only upon being paid in full and until the property has so passed, the customer shall not charge or dispose of the goods and will at his own expense kept the goods safe and insured against customary commercial risks. Until the property in the goods have so passed the buyer shall return the goods to the seller on demand and the seller shall without prejudice to any other rights be entitled to go upon the property of the buyer and repossess and remove his goods.

Claims in respect of alleged faulty goods shall not be a ground for with holding payment of accounts and shall not give the customer any right to set off against payment due to the Company. If part of a consignment is not received, this shall not be grounds for withholding payment for the remainder of the invoice on which these goods appear.

13. Law and Jurisdiction -
Where the Buyer is a business, this contract is to be interpreted according to UK law and the parties agree that the UK courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the settlement of any dispute arising out of this agreement. Where the Buyer is a consumer this contract is to be interpreted according to the law in which the Buyer is habitually resident and the Buyer retains the right to choose whether to file suit against Jordan in the UK, or in the Buyer’s home court. Without prejudice to the above, Jordan shall also have the right to file suit against the Buyer either in the UK court or wherever the Buyer is domiciled or has a registered and/or branch office. In any event, the parties irrevocably agree that proceedings issued out of the said courts may, without prejudice to the rules of service of any court or jurisdiction, be served by delivering such proceedings in an envelope addressed to the party to be served at the address for such party set out in this contract or otherwise notified by that party to the other.  

14. Promotional Materials - All images, video, text or other material provided by Jordan Fitness may be used by the recipient for marketing/sales purposes relating to products and services of Jordan Fitness only. Any material must be used in it's original form. Any modifications must first receive written approval from Jordan Fitness. All material remains the property of Jordan Fitness. Listing products on third party websites such as eBay and Amazon is forbidden without prior written approval.


• Normally 7 -10 working days from order confirmation.
• Monday to Friday during normal working hours 8am - 6pm (weekends by arrangement).
• Please notify us of any delivery obstructions and ensure that the delivery area is clear.
• All deliveries must be signed for on delivery.
• Pallet deliveries are normally curb-side drop only (special arrangements can be made upon request).
• Deliveries must be checked upon receipt. Any damages or discrepancies must be notified within 24 hours of receipt of order. Out of stock items will be notified.
• Jordan will endeavour to honour specific delivery dates upon request.
• Jordan cannot entertain any claim for compensation arising from late delivery due to a third party carrier.

For our full Terms and Conditions, see below.

Specific Delivery Date Orders
It is often possible to deliver on a specific date. Jordan will always try to ensure this happens, though we cannot guarantee it. Jordan cannot entertain any claim for compensation arising from late delivery due to a third party carrier.

Order Cancellation/Refused Deliveries
(See also Exchanges/Returns)
You may cancel your order for a full refund prior to your order being shipped or ordered from the manufacturer, though if any costs have been incurred they will be deducted from monies received. If you cancel your order after it has been shipped, you are responsible for any and all freight charges incurred by Jordan. Any unpaid freight charges will be deducted from your refund. If you refuse to accept delivery of your order for any other reason than the product being damaged in transit, you are liable for all outward and return freight charges
incurred by your refusal. If it is found that any of the larger products upon delivery ‘will not fit’ through any doors/stairwells and the product is subsequently returned/refused, you are responsible for all outward and return carriage costs and a 15% re-stocking fee is applicable. 


In all instances the customer is to contact Jordan Fitness before returning any item. Jordan Fitness will advise on method of return and collection note will be sent to include return reference number. Items should be returned to our stores within 14 days in a new and unused condition. Any refund due will be processed upon receipt of item as above. Goods returned for refund will incur carriage costs. Any exchanges will also incur additional delivery charges. A re-stocking charge of 15% of the total value of the Goods will be applied. Above information does not affect your Statutory Rights.

Restricted Access
Although our carriers are equipped with detailed road maps of every area of the UK mainland, is there any further information that would make your home/business easier to locate? Due to the overall size of some delivery vehicles, Jordan or any carriers delivering on behalf of us must be informed of any restrictions regarding access for the delivery vehicle. This includes, though not limited to, steps (including those required to climb to gain access to the property entrance), trees, shrubs, steeply inclined driveways, narrow lanes, tight bends or any other restrictions that may make it difficult for the delivering vehicle to gain access to the point of delivery. Jordan will not accept any claims for compensation arising from non/failed/refused delivery of any item where the carriers or Jordan were not made aware of any points regarding access restrictions. In the event that the item is refused/cancelled due to these restrictions, the customer is liable for all carriage charges and a 15% re-stocking fee will be applied. We would therefore recommend that you ensure the product will fit and can be transported to its ground floor point of installation easily. If you need to confirm the total ‘boxed’ dimensions of a product please call Jordan prior to placing your order.

Delivery Terms
Please note: Due to Health and Safety regulations upstairs deliveries are at the carriers discretion and are not guaranteed. This includes, but not limited to, steps that are immediately outside the premises, which are required to climb in order to gain access to the property. 

All orders are processed and shipped in the order that they are received. Normal delivery time is 7 to 10 working days. Delivery times may increase around holidays and peak shipping seasons.The freight delivery service you receive may vary among carrier companies. Since most carriers deliver to the curb side immediately adjacent to their vehicle and regard inside delivery as an extra service cost, it may be necessary for you to assist or move merchandise into your business/home, this is especially relevant if your premises covers several floors as carriers will only deliver to the ground floor entrance to the building. If you have alternative delivery requirements, please contact Jordan and we can make alternative arrangements. Ideally include two telephone numbers so that the carrier can contact you should they need too. All deliveries are made Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm. Saturday deliveries are available, please contact Jordan for a low cost quotation. Unfortunately our carriers are unable to give specific times for the delivery service, if you would like a specific time or weekend we would be happy to provide a quotation, please call Jordan on 01553 763285. Jordan will not be held responsible for any delays/damages due to third party carriers, nor can we entertain any claims for compensation where the carrier fails to deliver at an agreed time. Any claims for damages to property caused by any third party carrier must be taken up direct with the carrier.

Sports and exercise methods are potentially hazardous. It is advisable before undertaking any new form of exercise to seek medical advice. It is up to the individual to understand the proper techniques associated with safe use of equipment featured in this brochure. Any advice or direction given in this brochure is not a substitute for professional expert instruction. All risks must be accepted by the individual in full.

If you require installation of the product(s), the time between order and installation may be longer than for delivery only, though we always try our hardest to install as soon as possible. We will always try to arrive on time, but will not be held responsible for late arrival due to unforeseen circumstances. 

It is imperative that the space for the product(s) has been cleared and that access is unrestricted. Therefore we would ask that you provide Jordan with as much information as possible concerning the placement of the equipment in to your home, e.g. will it be going through single or double front door, lower / ground / first floor?

All prices quoted are for ground floor installations in the main building of the property or a garage at side of the main part of the building. Installations above or below ground floor or outside the main building i.e. an outhouse etc. may be subject to surcharge, especially if not mentioned at the time of order. You may be asked to assist the installer to get the product(s) to their location; if no help is available then a 2 man installation may be required at extra cost.

Adequate parking / vehicle access must be provided by the customer. Any charges incurred by the installer for parking etc. will be chargeable. If the installation time is extended by there being inadequate parking /access then the extra time will also be chargeable at £40.00 per hour.

It is the customer’s responsibility to check that the installation has been carried out to their satisfaction. If the customer is not present when the installation is completed the installation will be deemed as completed to the customers satisfaction. Any subsequent visits that may be required will be chargeable at the same rate as the first visit.

Jordan is within its rights to refuse any installation if the installer deems the installation location to be hazardous or the request unreasonable.

If the product does not fit into the area where the installation is requested and a representative of Jordan did not measure the area, then Jordan cannot be held responsible, therefore the customer will incur the cost of the visit. Agreed installation times must be adhered too.

If you intend to use our equipment in a hotel, school, etc. (light commercial environment) or health club (full commercial) it is entirely the responsibility of the customer to check with Jordan that the product is suitable and manufactured to the required standards. 

Please provide any further details or information that you think might be useful in making delivery and/or installation easier.

Should you have any queries or comments concerning either the forthcoming delivery of your equipment, or other items from Jordan, please do not hesitate to contact Jordan on + 44 (0) 1553 763285






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