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Introducing our Functional Rigs


Functional Training Rigs are fast becoming the sought version of the modern and functional equivalent of the old multi-gym. With a multitude of both attachments and accessory equipment it can be used with, these functional training rigs can allow clubs to maximize the potential of their functional training areas. Not only are they a striking addition to the normal gym look, Functional Training Rigs certainly generate significant interest from the gym user. They can be used for both personal training and for unsupervised use, but most beneficially they can also be used for a variety of functional group training sessions, which can either be an additional income stream or used to increase adherence with members and to prevent attrition.

    For clubs looking to have a Functional Training Area that can be versatile and multi-purpose, a single rig can be used by unsupervised individuals that want to participate in functional/unconventional/traditional bodyweight and freeweight training, or for group training sessions such as suspension training or extreme circuits. They also provide an area where knowledgeable personal trainers can take clients or groups through a variety of beneficial and sometimes unusual exercises.

    The new range of Functional Training Rigs available from Jordan Fitness means that now a facility can have the benefit of a selection of key designs, alongside the potential versatility of adding/changing sections to make it completely bespoke. The new range of rigs has fully integrated storage for a variety of the functional equipment that is used on or with the rigs - and there are even standardised packs so you can get the most out of these amazing rigs. 


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