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One of the best things about Guy Fawkes Night is the sheer power and magnificence of the fireworks show. We wanted to incorporate this power into a workout for you to try this Fireworks weekend featuring our HIIT Bench!

Explosive exercise allows us to combine speed and strength in order to increase your power output, and, as a result lift heavier weights. However, it is important to do all exercises in a safe manner so as to reduce the chance of injury.

The Jordan Fitness HIIT Bench is perfect for high intensity interval training to assist you in reaching your explosive exercise goal, as it features a 3-in-1 multi-functional training station; weight bench, plyometric box and storage unit.

This workout consists of 5 rounds, with each exercise 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Make sure that you take adequate rest time between each exercise to give you time to recover and continue with your explosive workout!


1. Russian Twist with Slam Ball

This exercise is perfect for strengthening abdominal muscles, in turn toning your stomach and strengthening your back.

Sit yourself on the floor and lift your feet up, whilst ensuring you keep your knees bent. While holding the ball in front of your chest and keeping your body centred, twist and move the ball either side of your hips for the 20 second duration.

2. Bulgarian Ball Twist

Stand facing away from the bench, placing your left leg back onto the top surface. Begin twisting the ball either side of your hips (just like the previous exercise), whilst bending your knees down into a squat-like position with each twist.

3. Slams

Simple as the name – stand with your feet shoulder width apart and slam the ball onto the floor. Squat down to pick the ball up again as it bounces off the floor and repeat the move!

4. V-Sits

In a similar position as the Russian Twists, sit down on the HIIT bench and lift your legs up in front of you, tucking your knees in close to your body. Push your legs out as straight as possible and back in again while holding the ball above your chest. Repeat this move in 20 second bursts, ensuring you rest in between.

5. Triceps Kick Back

Attach a resistance band to the bar on the end of the HIIT bench and place your knee on the top surface with your other foot on the floor. Place your right hand flat on the bench and grab the band with the other, pulling it back and behind you in a controlled manner. After this set, swap sides and repeat with the other arm.

6. Chest Press

Wrapping the resistance band underneath the metal bar of the bench, sit upright on the bench and grab each end of the band, pushing out away from your body and back in again.

7. Bicep Curls

This one you might know – sit upright on the bench and hold a dumbbell in each hand by your sides. Bring the dumbbells towards you, twisting your wrists so the dumbbell is horizontal to your body, and back down again. 

Watch our video tutorial on TikTok and Instagram! and tag us in to how you get on. 



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