We're excited to launch our brand new, Jordan Lifting Club. This special preview is only available to you, our valued customers and subscribers, as we wanted you to be the first to get your hands on our new range of weightlifting essentials. 

We've focussed our new club on community, whilst investing in a sustainable range British manufactured Kettlebells and Benches, through to our new Gym Racks. Offering quality kit is standard for us, and now with some great prices to match, we hope you'll enjoy what we have developed for you.  


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Lifting Club Kit Highlights

For Home Gyms, Garage Gyms, PT Studios and Boutiques
JLC Flat HIIT Bench
JLC Flat HIIT Bench
A Great British masterpiece, the Jordan Lifting Club HIIT Bench is a slick, little workout bench, offering home users through to Boutique Gyms and Personal Trainers, the opportunity to tidy away their kit, ready for their next HIIT session.
Bumper Plates
JLC Olympic Bumper Plates
Made from recycled rubber, delivering the eco friendly seal of approval, these bumpers are the perfect plate for garage and home gyms, as their hi-temp construction minimises noise and vibrations during lifts (and drops). With a stainless steel 50mm insert, you can smoothly add/remove these bumpers to/from any Olympic Bar.
JLC Kettlebells
Cast in our Est ferrous & Non-ferrous specialist foundry in Norfolk, we use certified cast iron, so you can count on the material being the best quality. With a moisture proof powder coated finish, these kettlebells will avoid rust for years to come, if looked after. They are great for a kettlebell workout indoors and out, just make sure you bring them in out of the cold, after your workout to keep them moisture free.
Pulse role mini gun
Pulse roll mini
Featuring 4 speed/power settings, with a built in battery (lasting up to 3 hours, dependent on power level setting), the benefits of using a massage gun, post workout, are scientifically proven to reduce soreness and flush away lactic acid. Used by professional athletes worldwide, the massage gun provides myofascial release, which helps you avoid many sport related injuries, so you can save money on those Physiotherapy trips. If 3 hours battery life isn't enough, upgrade to the Pulseroll's professional level, Massage Gun.
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