Lift like an olympianWith the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo fast approaching, everyone is starting to feel inspired by the admirable extreme efforts of the athletes. So we thought we would do the research for you to suggest a range of workouts based on the actual fitness routines of Olympic athletes like Mo Farah and Sir Chris Hoy! 

These can be done individually, although lots of Olympians benefit from training in a team some of the time - despite having to compete against each other in competitions after!

1. Mobility 

It is really important to focus on your mobility when beginning your workout, as you need to take time to nurture and listen to your body and not pushing yourself too hard. GB snowboarder Aimee Fuller told the BBC about her six minute mobility routine which has been posted to the Team GB YouTube Channel. You can watch it here:

When doing this routine, it is helpful to have a mat for a comfortable base that cushions your wrists - this eco-friendly Yoga Mat by AIREX is perfect with its non-slip base.

2. Explosive Strength 

Olympic GB weightlifter Fraer Morrow hold 3 British records, and explained that she improves her explosive strength necessary for weightlifting by doing a range of jumps, such as box jumps, long jumps and high jumps. Therefore, we recommend doing box jumps using our 3-in-1 Plyo Bloc, as the 3 different heights allow you to adjust how high you want to do your box jumps to improve your explosive strength.

jordan fitness plyo bloc box jump

3. Weight Training 

 Weight training is a really important aspect of training for a wide range of Olympic sports, from cycling to archery and swimming. Olympic legend Sir Chris Hoy has spoken in many articles about the importance of weight training in his workout routine. He especially places importance on lower body weight training, and so we recommend adding 3 sets x 5 reps barbell squats using a weight of your choice. Here's a video outlining a range of exercises you can do with our brand new Ignite Pump X Rubber Studio Sets!

4. Recovery is key!

While it is important to focus on pushing yourself within your workouts, Olympians have also stressed the importance of taking time to recover in order to prevent injury and reach your full potential. You can do this by reducing your alcohol intake, getting the right amount of sleep and using percussive therapy equipment such as the Theragun. Therabody is used by many athletes, including GB gold medal winner Mo Farah, who is an official Therabody ambassador, and has said that he thinks it is a great way to recover after a training session.

theragun therabody percussive therapy


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