Jordan Training Academy launches group exercise solution with six new 30-minute classes and an ultimate hybrid HIIT session, IGNITE & BURN. 

Jordan’s new IGNITE series launches with its first Instructor Training Course being held in London on 10/11 August. Personal Trainers & Fitness Instructors will cover the entire IGNITE series over one weekend resulting in the ability to deliver up to seven workout classes.

Focussing on flexibility, strength-endurance, fat loss, multi-directional activities and increasing speed and power-endurance, IGNITE offers a workout to fit any fitness goal!

IGNITE & Pump                                 
IGNITE & Swing             
IGNITE & Strike                       
IGNITE & Lift                                      
IGNITE & Move                              
IGNITE & Stretch                              
IGNITE & Burn 

Jordan’s IGNITE concept is unique in that it enables time for PT's and fitness instructors to coach clients more on an individual basis whilst in a group exercise format.

 “Ignite offers Personal Trainers and Instructors an opportunity to offer a progressive concept that helps individuals progress, based on their individual needs, within an interactive group setting. It’s often hard for coaches to correct posture and improve technique in a class, so Ignite focuses on this, meeting the growing need for tailored coaching within a class”

(Marc Edwards, Ignite Series Creator & Head Coach for Jordan Training Academy)

Jordan Training Academy has been a long-established CPD education brand under Jordan Fitness, specialising in instructor courses such as Indoor Cycling, Kettlebell and MMA Fitness, through to workshops in Functional Training, Nutrition & Posture Assessment. Jordan now brings their fitness industry expertise to the forefront, offering a new wave of great value workouts that instructors and gyms, large and small, can introduce on their class timetables.

“Group exercise has consistently been on the rise for a number of years and plays a key role in retention and diversification (with class only memberships on the rise). We’ve seen huge increases in studio and free weight equipment sales over the past few years and it feels like the right time to bring together our training and product knowledge and re-ignite the benefits of group exercise for all.”   

Zak Pitt, Managing Director of Jordan Fitness

IGNITE Instructor courses are now available to book in London, Birmingham and Liverpool with in-house training available for leisure operators and commercial clubs. Annual subscription required for delivery which includes new workout 20% off Jordan equipment.

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