Many struggle to stick to their goal of becoming a fitter and healthier person - but we are here to help you with 5 tips of how to stick to your fitness goals!

1.  Sign Up to A New Gym 

    Signing up to a new gym can be a great way to keep yourself motivated, as you are surrounded by like minded individuals with similar goals! We have spent the past year travelling to different gyms and have created a range of case studies showing off our favourites – you can view them all here!

    2.  Invest In Quality Equipment

    The gym is not for everyone – if you’d rather exercise privately or just cant find the time to commute then creating a home gym can be an ideal alternative. We offer a wide range of fitness equipment that can be used at home for all budgets and space available – you don’t need to have a fancy extension on your house to be able to workout at home!

    Here are 5 top picks for home fitness

    1. HIIT Bench
    2. Neoprene Dumbbells
    3. Resistance Bands
    4. Kettlebells
    5. Horizon TR Treadmill

    If this interests you, we have another blog post that goes into much more detail explaining all of home gym equipment we offer – you can read it here.

    3.  Be Organised

    Starting a brand new hobby can be difficult, as you have to find time to fit it into your already busy life! Be sure to manage your time well enough using calendars or diaries to make sure you can pencil in your workouts in-between work and personal time without anything clashing. This helps you keep to your fitness goals in the New Year as you won’t find yourself struggling to juggle your daily commitments and can enjoy your workouts stress free!

    4.  Don’t Expect Yourself To Be Perfect Straight Away

    Getting into a new hobby can take a few months before it really becomes settled as part of your daily routine, so it won’t be helpful if you are expecting to suddenly be fitness obsessed overnight (unfortunately!). Just making the effort to get up and get going every day is enough, even if you don’t hit all your goals straightaway.

    5.  Make It A Joint Effort 

    Many people find it easier to reach their fitness goals if they do so with the help of a friend or their partner. This is because you can use the other person to keep you accountable and motivated, reducing the chance of you giving up or becoming disinterested. You can also switch up your workouts so you can do it at the same time, making it a social occasion too!


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