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What Dance-Based Workout Should You Try In 2022?

If your New Years resolution is to kickstart your fitness journey, the fear of the unknown can make it especially difficult when taking the first step towards going to a gym or choosing an exercise class. Maybe gym based workouts aren't for you and you want to switch your fitness routine up, in the only way you know how - TO DANCE!

For those of you who love to boogie, and want to burn a huge amount of calories whilst having fun and meeting new people, here's our top dance-based workouts. Dancing is a great way to work out and get your heart pumping whilst having fun - so book in a class near you and start your fitness journey in the new year.


HIITSTEP is a popular high-intensity interval training workout that engages your whole body – all you need is yourself, a step and some music! With classes run by The HIIT Company, this dance workout has been developed from a wide range of sources, including Team GB athletes!

You can search on google to find the closest class to you, or purchase your own step like this one (or a HIIT bench) and follow an online video.

Drum and Bass Workout

Drum and bass music may not be to everyone’s taste, but it can definitely get you moving in your workout. A popular drum and bass workout company is drum n bounce, who say that their class is ‘designed to get you simultaneously sweating and smiling, and offer 8 completely different dance fitness routines with high and low impact alternatives to fit in with your fitness capabilities.

Pole Fitness

This may seem unusual to you, but pole fitness actually has a wide range of benefits, such as losing weight and building considerable strength. A 2019 study has actually found that participating in an advanced 60-minute pole dancing class is classed as moderate intensity cardiorespiratory exercise. If you’re a beginner, then obviously a 60-minute advanced class is not for you, but it is a great goal to work towards! The routines are created to music, and the classes are a great way to meet new people and learn a new skill.

305 Fitness

Imagine if you could get the workout at home that you get when dancing away in a nightclub (without the hangover). Well, 305 Fitness is a dance-based cardio workout class that is meant to mirror a club environment, even including a live DJ! Although the in person classes are based in the US, they have a YouTube channel full of instructor-led workouts that you can follow:


Glow Beatz is a brand new kind of workout - high-quality aerobic choreography is paired with club-lighting, music and glowsticks in a darkened environment to create an atmosphere that allows you to exercise and party at the same time! 



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