Up and at it, chums! Squat and stretch, lunge and lift! Since the time of the ancients, it has been known that exercise is essential for the health of mind, body, and soul. And, indeed, for wellbeing of the beard. For when the heart is pumping, blood flow to one’s beard area is enhanced, thereby nourishing and replenishing follicles for even more robust beard growth. Functional fitness at its finest!

Of course, working out won’t immediately turn a smooth chinned young whippersnapper into the mighty Thor himself, but there is no doubt that cardio training and lifting weights improves circulation, strength, flexibility and overall wellbeing like nothing else.

Not only this, but regular exercise also flushes out toxins and is an excellent way to address issues such as oily skin. Yet one’s beard and surrounding skin is a somewhat sensitive area. If due care is neglected it can lead to ingrown hairs, breakage, and even facial odours. How uncouth!

So during a tough home workout, personal training drill or session at the gymnasium how does a hirsute fellow ensure he is 'Keeping A Stiff Upper Lip Regardless'?

Without further ado, Captain Fawcett and Jordan Fitness present the Dos and Don’ts of a Bearded Workout…



…Warm up!

Before your workout, give the beard a wake up call and give it a rinse. (A warm up, if you will.) Water is fine so give your face and chin a good splash to enliven the pores and get their defences going.

…Comb out!

Fluctuations in body temperature can play havoc with one’s hair, particularly the somewhat drier hair of the beard. Strands frizz up, snap, or develop split ends. Therefore, after building up a sweat, give the beard a quick rinse and comb out the hairs so they fall in the beard’s natural direction of growth and prepare one’s chin topiary for a thorough wash.

…Wash down!

Wash! There is no need to use soap on one’s beard more than once a day and one’s post workout shower is the ideal time. The more well combed your beard, the easier it will be for shampoo to reach the root and cleanse all the sweat, chalk, spit and grime. Not to mention protein powders, energy drinks, vitamin shakes and er…extra strong tea.


Restore gloss with a handmade Beard Balm or rich Beard Oil. Once the beard is washed and clean, it’s time to replenish any natural oils lost from the strands. Conditioning one’s beard nourishes, smooths, softens, and leads to healthy growth. It also prepares the beard for one’s next superb gym session.



…Wash too often and risk stripping natural oils from your beard. All fragrances interact with one’s natural scent, giving a unique personal warmth. Be unforgettable.

…Shave. Did Samson shave? Not a chance. Also, a beard helps direct pesky sweat downwards whilst keeping it from flicking about the gym. A bonus for the fellow pumping iron next to you.

…Stop going to the gym. Keep it up! Rome wasn’t built in a day. The road to fitness is a journey, not a sprint. Well done for finding the motivation to get up and move. The trick is building the habit that keeps you going. Huzzah!

…Smoke in the locker room. Or indeed, anywhere else. The Booze & Baccy range is not to be mistaken for an energy drink. It does however enable any dapper gentleman to emerge from his workout floating on a cloud of delectable masculine fragrance and euphoric endorphins.

…Overdo it! As with all the most delightful things in life, too much of the good stuff can actually have a detrimental effect. Hitting the gym too hard can lead to overtraining. So do vary the intensity of your workout, mix in plenty of cardio and make time to rest and recover. No bearded hero wants a droopy dip in his hormones.


In summary….

Lift the weight, take the shot, shoot the hoop, score the goal, hit the spot, smash the target, stroke the beard.

As iconic heavyweight boxer Jack Dempsey once said, “A champion is someone who gets up when they can’t.”

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