We can admit that we found ourselves to be slightly jealous of the actor's bodies whilst watching the brand new Top Gun: Maverick film. We also found ourselves feeling inspired, so we thought we'd share our favourite workouts to try and achieve a Top Gun worthy body! 

Romanian Deadlift 


This movement is great at strengthening your posterior chain - the muscles going down the back of your body from your neck to your heels.

When you begin this movement, ensure that the bar and plates are in your hands and not on the floor. With your feet hips width apart, slowly lower the weights whilst slightly bending your knees. Make sure you keep your back straight and bend at the hips! Keep lowering the weights until your hamstrings begin to feel slightly stretched, then drive your hips forward and use your hamstrings to get back up into the standing position.  


Dumbbell Shoulder Press


With your feet shoulder-width apart, hold your dumbbells by your shoulders with the palms of your hands facing forwards. Make sure your elbows are out at your sides, bent at a 45 degree angle! Begin to press the dumbbells upwards, extending through your elbows until your arms are straight, then bring them slowly downwards and repeat for the desired amount of reps. 

This movement helps to build and strengthen your shoulders, specifically the medial and anterior deltoids that will increase your shoulder size and mobility.

Medicine Ball Sit-Ups


This movement is a great way to get those abs that are necessary for the Top Gun movie look! You can also workout your upper body at the same time which is a plus.

Firstly, you need to lay on the floor, facing the wall with a medicine ball. Begin to do a sit up, making sure that you squeeze and engage your abs as you pull upwards. As you do this, pull the medicine ball above your head and bounce it against the wall, to then catch as you are leaning back towards the floor. 


    Kettlebell Arnold Press 


    This movement is great for working several muscles in the upper body!

    In one hand, hold a kettlebell at a 90 degree angle in front of you. Ensure you keep your palms facing away from you as you push the kettlebell up above your head so your arm is straight. Bring the kettlebell back down to the beginning position, whilst taking care that you control the weight and not use momentum to bring it back down. 

    **It's important to note that its part of the actors job to have a body like they do, and therefore have the time (and money!) to dedicate every minute of the day to achieving their desired physique. Nobody normal usually has this amount of time, so just use whatever free time you have to workout and have fun without comparing yourself to unrealistic body standards!**


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