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So - you want to invest in a brand new piece of exciting equipment but you're not sure where to start when using it? We have created a handy guide with some beginners movements to teach you how to use the TRX range. 


To perform this action, grab both handles of the TRX and pull them slightly towards you as you move into a squat position and back up again. This gives you support during your squats, allowing you to perfect your form and reduce the chance of injury. 


A stable TRX movement, the row allows you to work your back muscles and improve your posture. Simply shorten and face the suspension trainer, holding onto the handles with your elbows at a 90 degree angle. Gradually straighten your arms out and then pull them back in, repeating this action for the desired reps. Make sure you keep your body straight!


 Place your feet so you're ahead of the suspension trainer and hold the handles so that your pinkie fingers touch your temples. Straighten your arms whilst also leaning back, ensuring you're keeping your body straight. Then bring your arms back in and repeat for the desired reps.


 Lower the TRX suspension trainer lower to the ground and lay on your back with your feet in the handles so your heels are relatively secured in. Bring your knees close to your chest and back again! Ensure you keep your core tight and engage those glutes!


Face away from the anchor point, holding the handles with your arms out straight. Lean forward and bend your elbows whilst moving up onto your toes, keeping your body and wrists straight and then push back up so your arms are straight. This should almost be like a press up motion off the floor!

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