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Lifeline Resistance Training Kit (Home Fitness)

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Burn fat and tone lean muscle faster, with this pro-grade resistance band travel/home gym kit.

A great alternative to dumbbells, this resistance band kit is the perfect tool for continuously challenging your muscles with the constant tension of resistance cable training. By using your feet and hands as anchors and changing resistance cables for different exercises or as fitness levels increase, you'll achieve a full-body strength training workout that also boosts flexibility and balance through low-impact exercises. It's also great for rehabbing injuries and warming up muscles before games and cardio training.

  • Interchangeable quick fit handles with purple resistance band allows you to fell like your lifting up to 20lb worth of dumbbells (9kg)
  • Comes with heavy duty door attachment for a wider range of workout options
  • Cables provide continuous tension throughout an exercise's entire range of motion to build strength and endurance
  • With resistance training using resistance/force to induce muscular contraction, it's a great tool for building strength and anaerobic endurance., ultimately increasing bone density
  • Made of durable natural latex using Lifeline's Progressive Layering Technology to perform better and last longer than common fitness cable.

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