Therabody Jordan Fitness Launch

Jordan Fitness are excited to announce our partnership with Therabody, the global leader in wellness technology, best-known for their ground-breaking percussive massage therapy devices. 

The Theragun is a staple in the everyday routine of thousands of professional athletes, from professional footballers including Marcus Rashford and Trent Alexander-Arnold and tennis stars like Maria Sharapova, through to American Footballers like DeAndre Hopkins.

Zak Pitt, Managing Director at Jordan, reflects on this new and exciting partnership…

“Jordan have long been a global leader in supplying premium gym equipment and free weights, that in effect, break down muscle fibres with every rep of a heavy weight. It just made sense to partner with global muscle recovery brand to accelerate the healing process – so our Jordan Fitness community can get back to lifting and training quicker, and in comfort.”

Therabody dominates the wellness space, offering a range of massage devices for any level of athlete, through to home fitness enthusiast or runner, needing an extra bit of TLC post workout.

For elite athletes, recovery is an essential part of daily routine. Used by some of the leading Football teams in the world, such as Real Madrid, for game-day warm-up and activation, to post-game recovery to off-season training days, Therabody massage guns and their wellness product range is fast becoming the norm for the sports industry.

Therabody Partnership Manager, Luke Berry, tells us…

“In the locker room, on the field, and in the training room, athletes like DeAndre Hopkins, are utilsing the professional-grade Theragun PRO, the industry’s first Smart Percussive Therapy™ Bluetooth connected device, for everyday warm-up and recovery protocols. This, combined with the portable, on-the-go Theragun mini, can be found in his gym bag, ready to pull out for pain relief at any given moment.”

Every Theragun product is scientifically engineered to deliver the most effective percussive massage therapy experience available. It also goes beyond muscle recovery for workouts and his hugely beneficial for reducing everyday stress and improving sleep. Therabody's recent research study with Biostrap, in 2020, also found that 87% of participants fell asleep faster after using a Theragun Percussive Massage Therapy device. So, Therabody really does offer something for everyone….

Find out more about the benefits of using the Theragun.

Visit the Therabody Muscle Recovery Collection to explore the full Theragun range.



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