Covid Lockdown Legend Gym PT Winners

Lockdown led to many challenges for the fitness industry, with Gyms, Personal Trainers and Coaches, having to not only adjust their delivery of fitness classes and PT sessions, they were their for their clients, to help them through the Pandemic.

Here at Jordan, we saw first hand the efforts of the industry to engage and support their clients, not just physically, but mentally. That's why we decided to launch our Lockdown Legends campaign, and give the people of the UK a chance to celebrate and thank their trainers and gyms.

"When the world went in to the first lock down, we were flooded with people investing in gym equipment, which really validated how important exercise and strength were valued. Through our social media channels, we experienced how many people were grateful that their PT's and Gyms were there for them. Some, really could not have made it through, without them.  As countries were set to reopen, it felt like the right time to enable everyone to say thank you to the fitness industry, to give gyms and PTs the extra boost they deserved as they prepare to reopen" (Zak Pitt, Managing Director)

We had around 1000 people nominate their PT's and Gyms throughout February and March. With a total prize giveaway of £7500 worth of Jordan gym equipment, three Gyms, three PT's and three Nominators, whose nominations in number and appreciation was at another level, were chosen as prize winners.

Each and every person and gym nominated is without a doubt, a #CovidLockdownLegend, as are the thousands more gyms, coaches and fitness influencers who have supported their audiences this year.

A huge congratulations to everyone nominated. 



Synergy Group Fitness

"At the start of lockdown Ross quickly mobilised and basically threw out the window his original business plan and timetable to look at how best to support his 200 or so members. Before lockdown was officially put into place Ross invited members to come to the gyms and basically take the equipment that they wanted on a free loan basis (I took a spin bike and a few weights - other's took some big kit home). The gyms were practically cleared out but Ross and Bev have 100% trust in their members and I think it goes to show the ethos that they have built at both gyms. Soon after they adapted their timetables and every day (expect Friday) they have online classes (first time they have ever done this including online 1-2-1), created a private group for members so they can go back and access previous classes (as well as some pre-recorded sessions)Ross is a big advocate of supporting small businesses and has recently branched out to include online classes on wellbeing and mindfulness and nutritional classes. I am yet to hear of another gym who has done so much to help their members.Personally, the main reason for reaching out is this place has put their members front and centre of everything they are doing, supporting their mental health, fitness and wellbeing which unfortunately is taking its toll on everyone in different ways. There are some scary statistics out there about the number of small businesses that might not recover and what they are doing to be proud advocates for other businesses and supporting each other I think is great."

A1 Fitness Chorley

"Throughout lockdown Angela and Linzi have lent kit to members , do live classes everyday keeping to the normal timetable providing stability. They have both privately helped members that are struggling with their mental health . Both ladies have gone above and beyond and it is because they see us as people and a community not a membership number . We love our gym and will always support them as they have supported us throughout this difficult time. Can't wait to get back"

Infinite Fitness Medway

"The trainers have gone above and beyond anything I have ever experienced from previous gyms. We have daily live workouts, small group zoom sessions, the option of 1:1 sessions, on top of all the challenges us members have all been set. The support and encouragement members receive is amazing, they're always on hand to offer support and answer any questions and are so welcoming to any new members. Infinite medway is a small gym and also a community. I now actually enjoy training upper body (something I ALWAYS avoided!) and can't wait to be back training properly where I know their amazing support and encouragement will continue :-)"


Andy Ciaravella (Stabilis)

"I'm a nurse working with covid during the pandemic in lockdown, Andy was my life saver, he kept me on track, not only with my fitness but also my mental health. After the gyms closed, he adapted quickly to online coaching which was amazing as I didn't want to have to give up my fitness. After working several months on the front line, the pressure got to me and I was signed off work for 8 weeks. Andy continue to support me during this time and encouraged me when I needed it most. He has helped me to loose 20kg in total, with a combination of exercise and nutritional advice from a qualified nutritionally. He has been my rock during lockdown and he definitely deserves title of the BEST PT EVER!! His service offers a holistic approach to weight loss goals. "

Marie Walker

"Marie has kept me active whilst I've been in lockdown which has also helped my mental health because I am disabled so have been mainly confined to the house. Marie is very kind and friendly. She explains everything very well and is so good at getting me motivated. We also have a good laugh together."

Kevin Cuthbert (Personal Training)

"My PT Kevins life has been full of ups and downs over the past year. It started last summer when he was diagnosed with heart failure, and having to process what it would mean for him. Rather than let it get him down, Kevin has displayed nothing but positivity all of to his clients and also his followers on social media, and he then set about a plan to focus to train and compete professionally this year, sharing his progress and training every week, never missing a home gym day. Its thanks to the lifestyle that he lives that it has actually been keeping his heart strong. Despite the lockdowns, Kevin continually has encouraged his clients to keep moving forward with their training, to focus on their physical and mental health and to smash their goals, his positivity and coaching despite what has been a challenging time has been a real breath of fresh air over this past year, and his leadership, support and advice has really helped me to drive myself forward. Unfortunately in February Kevin suffered a heart attack, which was a worrying time. He never let it knock him down, he came back fighting putting his health first, and started into his training plan with the support of his coach. I have never seen anyone display the courage that Kevin has throughout of these challenges, and he continues to always make time for his clients, always putting them first! I really feel that Kevin is so deserving of his nomination as he continues to make a difference daily"


Three of the nominations were also chosen, due to some heartfelt stories about what individuals had overcome, from cancer treatment to losing a soul mate, as a result of the support they had from their trainer/gym. They chose to remain anonymous but we'll leave you with this fantastic poem from Annette Nordhoff, from her nomination for A1 Fitness, Chorley:

A little poem from me, about our lovely gym instructors, Angela and Lindsey, Mum and Daughter, a team that can't be beaten :

This lockdown has been the hardest. Our mental health's took a bashing
But with Ange and Lindsey's Online Classes, they've still given us a thrashing
I've woke up in the morning, want to stay in bed
The thought of what the day holds, just filling me with dread
But Ange and Lindsey's faces, and the motivation that they bring
Is worth getting my trainers on, and having a good old sing
Whether it's Combar, Step, Aerobics, or even Boxercise
A few good vibes, a lot of laughs, as they batter our flabby thighs
Hits back to the 80's, and dressed up in the gear
With disco lights and leg warmers, we laugh til we're in tears
So thank you A1 Fitness, Ange and Lindsey, you're the best
You're there to keep us going when COVID puts us to the test
We appreciate your efforts, our gym family we miss so bad
So when we hear those magic words, ~GYMS OPEN~, we'll be so glad!!



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