Level up your 2021 Fitness Goals

The last 12 months have been full of lockdowns and Tier restrictions. Gyms have closed so more of us are taking our workouts to the next level by investing in some quality fitness kit.

Top 5 Bench

Whether you’re a Health and Fitness guru, or you’re pretty new to the fitness scene, shopping for the right equipment can feel overwhelming.

Trawling through reviews and scrolling through lists of features is no way to spend a day. Taking your workouts to the next level should be simple!

We’ve created a guide to our top 5 weight benches to kick-start your 2021 fitness goals.


1. Fusion HIIT Bench

Fusion HIIT Bench

We don't all have the space, or the funds, for a full Home Gym. If you’re looking to give your workouts a boost, without having to dedicate an entire room to fitness, our Fusion HIIT Bench is ideal.

Designed for a whole variety of workouts this is a weight bench and so much more. The backrest is adjustable for all your upper body needs. The frame is durable so you can switch from weight workouts to plyometrics at any time, with a hard-wearing seat pad that doubles as a Plyo Box. 

What sets this bench apart from your bog standard weight benches is that it comes with storage for all your HIIT workout needs. We recommend; Hex Dumbbells, Training Ropes, Slamballs, Chrome/Rubber Kettlebells and there’s even room for Power Bands!  

The Fusion HIIT Bench combines all the best gym features in a small and durable shell. Perfect for home workouts and Personal Trainers with limited space.

If you’re looking to treat yourself or advertise your brand, take a look at our custom colour and branding options.


2. Performance Adjustable Bench

Performance Weight Bench

No matter where you get your sweat on, having a versatile free-weight bench can shift your workout up a gear.

Our Performance Adjustable Bench has seven starting positions. From a -5 degree decline to 85 degrees upright, you can work a range of upper body muscles. This exercise bench is compact and easy to move for simple at-home storage.

How do you like to workout? This bench can be used with Ultimate Bars, Dumbbells, Curls Bars and even water bottles if that’s all you’ve got. 

The range of settings means it is perfect for Personal Trainers, at-home

Weight workouts and building strength are the core principles of fitness. One of our top recommendations is the Olympic Adjustable Multi-Bench fitness enthusiasts and the durable frame makes it ideal for commercial use...the price isn’t bad either. 


3. Olympic Adjustable Multi-Bench

Olympic adjustable multi-bench

This exercise bench is a little bigger than some of the others on this list with a total length of 1.3M and a width of 1.8M so it might not be suited to smaller fitness spaces.  

It's designed to keep your workouts interesting with a wide range of starting positions.

Bar catchers and a guide rail help you maintain perfect form, whether you're training alone or with someone inside your bubble.

The steel frame is sleek, strong, and stable making it a fantastic addition to any commercial gym and a much-needed piece of kit for weightlifters.


4. Adjustable Decline Bench

Adjustable Decline Bench

If you're looking to target your pectoral muscles in a new way, decline workouts are essential.  This is why the Adjustable Decline Bench ranks in our top 5 workout benches.

Building stable, strong triceps and challenging your lower pectorals is the name of the Decline Benches game.

You don't want to be uncomfortable when you're mid-workout. The seat and padded rollers offer comfortable support to help you through every rep.

Easy to adjust and built to be strong, this bench is a must-have for any gym or fitness aficionado.


5. I-Series Adjustable Incline/Decline Bench

I-series adjustable bench

Versatile, fully adjustable, and comfortable. The I-series Adjustable Incline/Decline Bench is a must-have when it comes to quality and variety in your workouts.

This workout bench has 10 separate starting positions from -10 degrees all the way up to 85 degrees.

Smart and durable this bench is a brilliant addition to any workout environment from home to commercial gyms.

You don't have to spend a fortune to get a quality, varied workout as this bench is very affordable.

With so many starting positions this bench can be used with a whole range of free-weight kit meaning your sweat session will never be boring.


Making sure you have the right equipment to reach your fitness goals, and enjoying the journey, is important. 

Keeping workouts varied and interesting is the key to staying committed and motivated for a stronger, healthier 2021 which is why the right weight bench, and a little creativity, can make all the difference. 

So, what fitness goals have you set for 2021 and how do you plan to hit them?

Looking for some smaller kit additions for your at-home workouts? Take a look at our Clearance and Ex-Demo offers so you can get started on your 2021 fitness goals without blowing the budget. 

Written by Lauren Woodcock

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