New Year, Fresh Start! If you’re a Personal Trainer looking to diversify and maximise your profit in 2019, you might be thinking of additional opportunities to personal train on top of your gym-based sessions. 
If you’re looking to take your PT sessions into the home, working with clients in a less intimidating, private setting, OR want to set up your own Bootcamp or personal training studio, then you’re going to need a range of reliable, hard-wearing functional equipment.
With this in mind, we’ve pulled together our Top 10 Personal Training Best Buys, based on what PT’s have been investing in throughout 2018. You know what’s best for your business, so we hope from this you’ll find those missing gems that will ignite your client’s passion for fitness and keep them coming back for more.


Slam Ball (£17.31)

The Jordan Slam ball comes in 5 varied weights starting from 3kg up to the 15kg mark, enabling your clients to continue building their core strength and improving joint integrity, coordination, range of motion, and flexibility. Slam balls are great to include in circuit training and bootcamp exercises. Whole body workouts were never the same after our strong and durable slam balls came in to play.

Medicine Ball (£24.36)

Our Jordan Medicine Balls are perfect for circuits, functional training, etc. They have a premium quality textured rubber surface for excellent grip, plus a rubber weighted centre for balance. With colour coded sizes for easy weight identification, you will be able to progress your client’s fitness ability with style.


Neoprene Kettlebells (£13.80)

Our Neoprene Covered Kettlebells range from 4kg to a weighty 40kg, perfect for beginner and experienced clientele. Kettlebells are great for getting a diverse range of workouts into a client’s routine. Our neoprene coating protects the bell and flooring from damage and their vibrant colours are always a hit with fitness users.


Chrome Rubber Kettlebell (£18.20)

Our Jordan Chrome/Rubber Kettlebells are a fairly recent, sophisticated and sleek design, which can accommodate your gym perfectly if you’re looking for that premium, stylish look. This durable kettlebell provides excellent quality, made from the finest JR3 rubber, and a smooth chrome handle. The weights available start at 4kg and go up to 24kg.


Ignite V2 Rubber Studio Barbell Set (£100.50)

A signature, unique design from Jordan, the Ignite V2 Studio Barbells come with a premium urethane finish and a unique anti-roll design that allows any client to feel safe and professional when using these barbell sets. Each one is ergonomically designed with an easy-grip centre, so they can also be used as a dumbbell, perfect space saver for any PT.


Sandbag Pro (£63.60)

Sandbags are a great hit with our PT network. For those lucky enough to live along the coast, part of the work out can be filling up the sandbag which saves weight and space in your car. Each bag offers you and your clients extra handles and strong Velcro tabs, offering a wide range of strength and endurance exercise which is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.


Jungle Gym XT (£103.58)

Great for those with PT gyms, the Jungle Gym XT is very different from traditional suspension bodyweight trainers on the market. It’s quick and easy to adjust and clients can get highly effective workouts from this kit, as it’s adaptable for your beginner or advanced customers.


Soft Foam Roller (£30.17)

Our foam roller is the perfect rehab tool after putting them through an intense session. Providing an affordable and versatile deep tissue massage, our roller helps speed up the healing and recovery process after your client’s workout. If lots of your clients want to have one for their own use, we can also provide a PT discount so you can make a little profit on selling this on also. Bonus.

Mini Aerobic Bands (£7.19)

A widely trending product perfect for targeting the bum and thighs, our mini aerobic bands come in four different strengths, tailoring each intensity to your clients needs. Great for rehab too.


Power Bands (£10.11)

Our powerbands are a great product to use for multi-functional training, where you can let your imagination go wild with a huge range of varied exercises. You can get your clients speed training, doing agility drills, jump resistance, prehabilitation and rehabilitation. These bands come in six strengths and sizes, perfect to tailor to your client’s requirements.
 Team Jordan


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