‘And on the first day of Christmas, my true mate gave to me, one of these fantastic gifts from Jordan Fitness, the leading supplier of innovative, quality functional equipment in the UK and beyond…’ Got a certain ring to it, don’t you think?! Okay, you might question the flow and melody but if you’re on the lookout for a gift for your mate this Christmas, you can’t question the quality and value of these 10 great training tools…
 The Power Chute piques every fitness enthusiasts’ interest, adding resistance to sprint drills that can only be conquered with excellent technique and explosive power. The chute attaches to the midriff via a quick-release buckle, so resistance comes with complete control. Not only does the Power Chute build speed and power, it’s also perfect to crank up acceleration, making it perfect for sprinters and team sports players alike.
Boxercise highlighted how pugilism isn’t confined to the likes of Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. That’s why the Quick Puncher’s the perfect fitness aid whatever your sport or discipline. Hook one end to the ceiling while the other stays in place thanks to the weighted base. Then it’s over to you as you take aim at the rubber punch ball. Hand-eye co-ordination, cardiovascular fitness, strength – it’s all improved with this ultimate training tool.
Yoga originated in India around 5,000 years ago but has never been so popular. And you can see why, its focus on strength, flexibility and breathing designed to boost physical and mental well-being. This durable yoga block is lightweight, comfortable, while providing the stability needed for optimal alignment, deeper poses and greater muscle development. And, incredibly, all for less than a pint of craft ale!
Santa’s stockings have never looked so colourful thanks to these highly affordable mini aerobic bands, which help to stretch and strengthen muscle groups and tendons, both for rehab and general training. The spectrum of colours is vibrant coding for resistance, starting off with ‘light’ yellow and growing to ‘tough’ red. They’re the perfect gift to wake up to on Christmas morn.
BOSU TRAINER (£142.87)
Okay, spending near £150 on a mate, well, they’d have to be one of your besties, but the outlay’s worth it for the versatility a Bosu Trainer affords. Firstly, you can use both sides to tap into a plethora of core stability, proprioception and balance exercises. It also sharpens your reflexes, so ideal for sports where speed-of-thought and action is a prerequisite – namely racket sports, team sports and many more. Comes with a pump and manual for instant expertise.
MEDICINE BALL (£19.38 +)
In the time of BC, Persian wrestlers trained with sand-filled bladders. In Ancient Greece, the physician Hippocrates stuffed animal skins for patients to toss for medicinal purposes. Thankfully, the humble but highly effective medicine ball’s moved on with Jordan’s version constructed from premium quality textured rubber surface for excellent grip. History isn’t wrong – the medicine ball is a staple for all fitness training programmes.
The speed ladder’s a simple but effective training tool designed for powerful movements, whether it’s for transforming a footballer’s ability to change direction or prepping a gym-goer for obstacle course racing. Simply stake the ladder in place, follow the drill cards and watch your agility grow. Useful for upper and lower body to mimic sport-specific movements.
FOAM ROLLER (£30.17)
Okay, a foam roller’s not the sexiest piece of equipment but it’s arguably the most essential. Consistent training forges the body beautiful. It can also leave your body a twisted plot of tight muscles. That’s where Jordan’s EVA foam tool rolls into town, a daily dose of self-massage releasing trigger points to ensure muscles are elastic, healthy and ready to unleash peak performance. There’s a reason professional athlete has near-daily massage. So, can your mate, at a more affordable level.
JUNGLE GYM XT (£103.58)
It’s not just Holly, Harry and Hegerty who are wrestling with the jungle thanks to this fantastic suspension training tool. Such a small outlay stimulates huge benefits. Simply hook the dual straps around an immovable anchor point and build core strength, improve balance, sharpen agility and boost your cardio system. Takes up little room in your bag, too, so can be used anywhere.
Chisel the body of The Hitman (circa 2000 not 2018!) with this impressive pair of sparring gloves. The polyurethane outer layer adds robustness; the injected-moulded design slips hands into the most comfortable, efficient fist formation. Together, they maximise power and protect; in fact, buy yourself a pair as well as your mate and watch your fitness grow in 2019.
So, there you have it – show your mate(s) you care about their health, fitness and general well-being with one of these proven training tools.
Merry Christmas!
Team Jordan
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