Supporting Gyms & Fitness Studios through Covid-19

The Jordan Fitness Gym Support Scheme, extends support offered by the Job Support Scheme (furlough replacement), providing an opportunity for all gym owners to gain cash back from clients who order home gym equipment through our website.

With Corona cases on the increase, Wales on a 'firebreak', and much of the UK facing regional restrictions, we’re aware of the plight that gym owners now face to support both their staff and their clients, both physically and mentally.

Whilst much of the UK workforce will benefit from the Job Support Scheme from November 2nd, we have put in place the Jordan Fitness Gym Support Scheme, which will offer gyms some financial support, whilst they offer their clients alternatives to working out at the gym. It might be your clients are isolating, in quarantine, or you are yourselves closed due to lockdown – no matter what the situation- we are here to offer additional support to all gyms across the UK.

“We learnt with the first Corona Virus lock down in March/April that gyms just wanted to be there to support their clients. We originally offered discounts for gyms to pass on to their members so they could get what they needed to keep up their gains and continue to work out, but from home.

With mini lockdowns ‘fire-break/circuit breaks’ in place for Wales, restrictions in Northern Ireland and across Great Britain, it’s important for us to offer this support to gyms and their clients, but this time with added financial benefit”

(Zak Pitt, Managing Director at Jordan Fitness)


How the Jordan Fitness Gym Support Scheme works

Gyms can now apply for our Gym Support Scheme which provides Gyms with a unique 15% discount code they can pass on to their clients. This enables their clients to buy any functional gym equipment they can't do without (Sandbags, Medicine Balls, Mats etc), so they can continue their workouts from home, whilst the gym is closed. This offer is also available to any gym wanting to offer added value to their membership base.

We give 5% back to your gym (from any orders we receive from your gym members), providing a little extra income over the winter period.

Simply fill out the below form, to gain your Unique Gyms Discount Code:

Please note, due to demand we may take a few days to get back to you, but be rest assured we are working as quickly as possible to process your application.


The T’s & C’s

- Gyms are advised to only provide the unique codes to their membership base via email and text – please do not post the code on social media as its important to us that we are there for your clients only. You can of course post that you have a code and ask for members to message you direct for this.

- Jordan Fitness will be in contact with you to confirm your discount code and  your bank details so we can make payments to you with your 5% cash back on the order price.

- Jordan Fitness will initially review orders placed up until end of November 2020, and you will receive your payment the following month following on from an invoice for the required amount payable (from yourselves). At this point we will review the scheme, which may or may not be extended depending on the state of play in the UK.

- This offer is not available in conjunction with any other discount code offers e.g. Black Friday. It can however still be used to gain additional discounts on Clearance and ex-demo gym equipment.


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