We are excited to announce we have partnered with fitness apparel brand, BettySwollox.

BettySwollox are a growing gym wear brand, offering premium fitness kit to suit any workout. What makes them special, and why we at Jordan Fitness have chosen to partner up, is they are a brand that gives back - donating £1 of every product they sell, to the Testicular Cancer charity, Ballboys.

“In the UK, testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men under 50, with around 2,400 cases diagnosed every year. Almost half of cases diagnosed are in males aged under 35. If detected early it is over 90% curable. However, every day a life is lost.

We’re not just about making you look and feel great when you train. We’re passionate about men’s health and we’ve teamed up with some amazing organisations to promote awareness.”
(James Dennis. Co-founder @

As a global brand, we have had the opportunity to partner with the major brands, but what COVID-19 has shown the industry, is that as an SME, we need to support each other at ground level, and even more so, support a cause with meaning.

BettySwollox, are a like-minded enterprise, offering premium gym wear to match our premium gym equipment – but what makes them different is their ultimate focus on raising awareness and ultimately saving lives.

Simon Spencer, Director & Co-Founder at BettySwollox, said:

“From the outset, BettySwollox has aimed to be a little different. With a name that provokes a reaction and starts conversations, we offer great products at great prices underpinned by our purpose - to raise awareness and donate to help fight testicular cancer.

We chose to partner with Jordan because of their reputation in the industry and the quality of their products. After speaking with them and finding out they hold the same values as we do, it was an easy decision.”


How does our new Jordan X BettySwollox partnership benefit you?

For our Jordan customers from across the world, this has been a year (and continues to be) a year of ups and downs. It has been important to us to work with a series of partners, that complement our brand, to offer enhanced value for our clients (both commercial and home users)

As a Jordan customer, you can now benefit from 15% OFF all Fitness Apparel with BettySwollox.

Simply visit and use the code BSXJORDAN15  



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