Staff members from North Lanarkshire Leisure were the first to benefit from the Jordan Training Academy establishing a permanent base in Scotland.

16 members of the team took part in an Olympic Weightlifting Certification at their impressive sports facility, taught by our Glasgow based Master Trainer, Paul Kerr.

Thomas Mackrell from North Lanarkshire Leisure said “it was a fantastic day, all of the team really enjoyed it and learned a lot - more than I think everyone was expecting. It was great to learn the Olympic lifts (clean, jerk and snatch) as well as all the stretching and mobility movements which were fantastic. Paul is a great instructor, his teaching points were spot on and right to the point. This is exactly what you need when learning so much in such a short time. We would recommend this course to anyone, not just people interested in Olympic lifting but anyone who enjoys any kind of training - this course will definitely benefit you”.

Jordan Fitness Training Academy Manager, Mark Laws added “We have provided education in Scotland in the past, however logistically until now it has been difficult to provide as many courses as we would have liked. I am so pleased that that’s all changing – now we have Paul in place as our Scottish Master Trainer we can provide our Scottish customers with courses a lot more regularly. Paul is based in Glasgow and has given us access to an incredible training facility in the centre of Glasgow which is well located and fully equipped with everything we could ever need. Look out for plenty more courses in Glasgow and the rest of Scotland very soon”.

If you are based in Scotland and wish to arrange a training course at your venue then contact for details.

If you are based in Glasgow, or within commuting distance, then keep an eye out for our education schedule which will be published very soon.

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