Jordan Fitness have been the preferred supplier of functional fitness equipment to the Bannatyne Group for some time now, but this week the Jordan Training Academy showed that it also has something very special to offer.

Boasting over 60 luxurious clubs and 180,000 members from the north of Scotland to the south coast of England, Bannatynes are one of the largest and most successful premium health club chains in the UK.

With so many members it is vital to have a talented fitness team that can match the customer’s demands and expectations, so the Jordan Training Academy delivered the first of many Functional Fitness Workshops designed to ensure that the Bannatyne fitness team are delivering a first class service.

Training Academy Manager, Mark Laws, delivered the workshop at the Fairfield site which was attended by staff from Peterborough, Wellingborough, Luton and Fairfield itself.

After an initial discussion regarding theory it was down to business. Mark took the group through a range of exercises using Kettlebells, Sandbags and Suspension Training. The whole point of the workshop is to give each person the tools to create multi-directional, ‘functional’ and effective training sessions with whatever equipment they have at their disposal.

The course was organised by Fairfield’s Fitness Manager Gerhard Boshoff who said afterwards "As a Fitness Manager this workshop is just what you need to add to the knowledge of your team and to take ‘functional’ training to the next level. My team learned valuable new exercises, advice and tips. Thanks to Mark everyone is buzzing again".

Mark added “Having all the equipment in the world isn’t enough anymore. If you don’t have a skilled and imaginative fitness team then certain pieces of equipment will be gathering dust, being used incorrectly or not being used to their full potential. This workshop is designed to eliminate all of those problems. This produces gym staff who can enthusiastically provide their members with an unlimited combination of exercises/workouts which can be tailored to the members specific ability and needs. Anything that keeps members happy will also improve retention. This workshop was the first of its kind with Bannatyne’s but it has been a huge success and hopefully there will be more to come in the future.”

For details on hosting a Functional Fitness Workshop at your facility then email for details.

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