Jordan Fitness are celebrating their 25-year landmark anniversary in 2014, this is going to be a great opportunity to shine a very positive light on the company. Jordan Fitness will be communicating this through their marketing campaigns, sharing information on the company’s heritage, creating awareness of Jordan’s decades of history, success and passion for the world around us with some very exciting charity events planned throughout the year.

The year long campaign, which started in January, will support the organisation to achieve its strategic goals and objectives whilst reinforcing the company’s brand, honouring the past but also launch the future.

Founder, Neil Jordan says “As a business we have worked very hard over the last 25 years to develop a ‘can do’ culture, to understand how best to fulfill our ambitions and give our customers the best experience we can. I believe it’s better to be discreet about success and ensure we deliver on promise; I have grown to realize that it’s the small things that make a big difference”

Tamara Emery, Marketing Manager explains “By far this year’s biggest investment was the move to our new headquarters to accommodate our growing success. This year the business moved from Walpole Highway (Cambridgeshire) to our new HQ based in Kings Lynn (Norfolk). Given the towns transport links and the fact the premises allows a much larger warehousing on site, the business is able to provide the very best service to customers; stocking a greater range and volume of products, resulting in faster delivery times”

The new premises have an impressive 94,000 sq ft of combined office and warehouse space. In addition the new headquarters includes a brand new purpose built design ‘Concept Room’ and ‘The Innovation Lounge’, a photography studio and fully operational gym showcasing the Jordan Fitness range. The headquarters is also home to the Jordan Training Academy, which is the new base for the Results Based Training (RBT) course.

Training Academy Manager at Jordan Fitness, Mark Laws, says “Jordan Fitness are world renowned for top quality fitness products, now we are looking to enhance that reputation to reflect the quality of the education we provide. Not only are our existing courses being refreshed but we have a lot of new and exciting courses coming throughout 2014 which will allow fitness professionals to really stand out from their competitors. We have just opened a new venue in the Midlands, which will mean we can certify more instructors, with more courses, more often. Our education products compliment our fitness products to ensure that gym owners/managers really get the best return on their investment”.

Zak Pitt, Sales Director at Jordan Fitness, says “Looking at the history of Jordan Fitness over the last 25 years tells a fascinating story of where the business has come from and how we’ve evolved over the years, from humble beginnings through to our standing now as a worldwide Fitness Brand and leader in Functional Fitness. Our new Ignite range epitomises our core values in terms of quality, durability and value for money, but also gives a glimpse of the future in terms of innovation.”


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