The Creative team at Jordan Fitness went on a road trip to Leeds to spend the day with one of their brand ambassadors. Jason Robinson OBE the rugby legend, having played both codes of rugby internationally, and regularly using his explosive speed and agility to score some memorable tries.

Jason Robinson is a dedicated Jordan Functional Fitness follower so a date was arranged to spend the day putting him through his paces to see if he has still got ‘it’.

The first stop was The Sudden Movements Gym in Armley, Leeds. They have a hugely experienced team and specialise in all manner of movement-based techniques, from Kettlebells and Olympic lifting to Gymnastics and Sports Therapy.

Mark Laws Training Academy Manager at Jordan Fitness gave Jason the Tornado Ball and proceeded to instruct him to gently bounce the Tornado Ball off the wall using both hands from side to side. He started off moving horizontally, and then diagonally in a ‘woodchop’ motion. The warmer Jason got, the faster and harder Mark encouraged him to go finishing with a blur of movement from overhead to between his ankles. Next Mark handed Jason a Loumet Rope Ball from our Jordan’s exclusive range. Slightly bigger than the Tornado Balls, this time Jason executed the same exercises but with just one hand and much harder. Sweat was beginning to appear…

Jordan Sandbag Extreme as next to be put through it’s paces, A number of deadlifts, cleans and presses followed by some grueling shoulder to shoulder presses. Jason talked about how much he loves wrestling with the sandbags because of the physicality of the sessions – I guess he misses the contact…lucky the boxing gloves and Thai pads are close by!!

A little bit of punching and kicking never hurt anyone…metaphorically speaking. After a quick lung bursting blast on the pads Mark slowed things down with some single-handed press-ups and bicep curls on the Jungle Gym XT suspension system. Then a few pistol squats thrown in, just for good measure.

To finish off the first part of the session Mark got Jason to do a little circuit with our 32kg Competition Kettlebell. Two-handed swings, one handed cleans and overhead presses. 

Next up a change of venue. Leeds Rhino’s training, Mark set up a series of SAQ equipment we could see the speed and power that made Jason such a formidable player, and we weren’t disappointed. Ladders, Hurdles, cones, parachutes – nothing could slow him down. Not even the Jordan Performance Sled loaded with 80kg of Olympic plates.

We were really lucky to see one of the fastest sportsmen of our generation perform up close. Finally we set up an Olympic bar for a few more deadlifts, cleans and presses. Only this time our Lifting Chains were attached to the bar. Mark was really impressed with Jason’s athleticism. Jason was less impressed with how hard Mark was making him work!!!

To finish the workout Jason had a little play with The Jordan Training Ropes just to finish him off, before a gentle cool down with the foam roller. Jason was a dream to work with and is a brilliant ambassador for our business said Mark Laws Jordan Fitness training Academy Manager

"Jordan's functional fitness equipment provides the ultimate in durability and high performance. I use Jordan Fitness kettlebells, training ropes and power wheels, in addition to Sandbags, for intense strength training and coaching. Their world-class products are designed to endure the most punishing of workouts and achieve maximum results" - Jason Robinson OBE

Watch this space a brand new brochure from Jordan Fitness out soon…..

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