Education. The most important thing you can do is show others how to use it. Seems simple but like everything in life, once you know how there’s no stopping you.


Here’s 3 ways to make the most of your functional rig:


Rig Small Group Workout Class 

With the growth in popularity of group training it just makes sense to have a dedicated rig workout on your class timetable. Once other members in the gym seeing it being used in a class, the class will either gain popularity or your gym members will see an exercise that suits them that they can add to their own workout in their own time. Win Win for everyone.

Train your PT’s so it’s part of their sessions as standard 

There’s very little you can’t do with a rig. It’s all about imagination. What can help with an influx of ideas is a good old training workshop. You could have a dedicated Functional Rig Workshop. Or consider a more generic body weight suspension training course if you are looking for ideas that incorporates rig use as part of the mix.

Produce an online video tutorial

Everyone loves an opportunity for more exposure online and this meets the needs of your current gym goers whilst also reaching thousands more. It’s time to film your very own ‘How to’. You could make this into a series focusing on strength, power and isolating moves, or arms /leg workouts as well as mini HIIT circuits. Incorporate this into your induction communications and feature on your AV in the gym and of course, shorten into your bite size teasers for social media. You never know the reach you can get on YouTube as a result.


Here's a Functional Rig Workout example from Vision Fitness, Henham.

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