Featuring in the Top 3 of GQ Magazines ‘The Best Fitness Class in London’, Cirq offers a unique fitness experience like no other.

Opening in September 2019, Cirq has fast become the capitals top boutique fitness experience. Featuring two studios, LIFT and CIRQ, they combine expertise and technology offering four 45/50 minute classes that target every muscle. This includes Cirq Strongside: 50 minutes of fully immersive metabolic conditioning with a focus on increasing strength.

The Cirq brand came from a desire to keep people really engaged in exercise but also not wasting a second of that fitness time. - Rob Burstein, Founder of Cirq

Based in Fleet Street, Cirq offers a pre-programmed circuit that you can follow and guarantees a total full body workout, using just solely functional training to do its job.

Cirq chose to work with Jordan Fitness as their primary functional equipment provider. Cirq new their brand would be a hit and so invested in branded dumbbells, barbells and Olympic discs in addition to a range of functional product including Plyo Boxes, Slam Balls, Sandbags and Kettlebells.

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