Its come to that time of year where everybody decides to change their lifestyle and improve their overall health. Many will struggle to stick to their new intense HIIT routines, others will see the practicalities of life get in the way, but many more AMAZING people will find the strength to transform their lives through their new health regime!
If you are looking to set a realistic, sustainable New Year’s resolution, whether you’re fitness crazy already or crazily scared of what it all entails, we’ve dedicated this post to you. In the end, if you love what you do and can see and feel the change in a positive way, you’ll keep up the hard work.
So we’ve summed up what we think are the big hitters for 2019, the fitness trends that are not fads, which you can genuinely get behind and make the most of in the year ahead.
Corporate Fitness: In the Office
We’re lucky to work at Jordan Fitness as we have unlimited access to our own functional training gym and a number of Personal Trainers within the team. We live and breathe fitness and make time for it in our working week. So do a growing number of companies such as Thrifty, ASOS and Microsoft, whom we’ve personally kitted out.
It just makes sense with long hours, for those of us working in larger offices, to have the option to pop in before, during or after work, especially for those commuting a fair distance when time is precious. When our bodies are seated on a 4-hour plane or a 7-hour car journey, we feel a huge inclination to stop off at the services and stretch. Sitting in an office chair for 8 hours is just as bad so 20 mins in the gym can make a world of difference. The NHS (National Health Service) state the significance exercise gives to the body is crucial for a healthy life. It can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, reduce depression and strengthens mental well-being. There are many positive effects exercise gives our bodies, and most of us know them but don’t want to spend £20-60 every a month for a gym membership there isn’t the time to use.
For the company, the benefits are clear – increased productivity and engagement and with a planned engagement strategy, it’s also fantastic for team building and proven to improve mental health. Not to mention retention and recruitment, as with more of a tick box culture the work gym could be clincher in recruiting a top candidate.
Gyms needn’t be a costly affair, so if you want to get behind asking your company for one, the timing couldn’t be better. There’s never been a better time to increase wellbeing and boost more positive mindsets in the office!


Group Training

Group Training is an effective way in making more lives healthier, faster. This global fitness obsession enables motivation, healthy competition and great socialising opportunities thanks to many gyms holding group classes such as; spin, cardio, boxing, yoga, Pilates, aerobics and many more! In our opinion, Instagram has taken the lead in promoting the wondrous effects of fitness, with brands and companies showcasing their innovative exercise classes, new fitness tech and clothing which seems to be a hugely successful attempt at spreading the word to millions of users. Influencers and bloggers are attending more Pilates classes, Kobox lessons and Spinworks sessions than ever, which has set a viral trend in attending group training sessions worldwide.

We think it’s a great way to make new friends and there’s nothing better than being reassured that you’re not alone, when you feel like you want to give up. Whether working is small groups or prefer blending in with hundreds of others, here are some of the biggest group classes and clubs in the UK:

Fitness gadgets – Yay or Nay?

These gadgets and trends have popped up throughout 2018, but it’s clear to see the technical concepts and adaptability of fitness technology. However there’s always still room for improvement and that’s why 2019 is an exciting year for the fitness industry. Technology is aiding us all with smarter and simpler ways to maintain health and fitness, and there really is something for everyone to help you get in shape for 2019. Here’s a glimpse of some of 2018’s quirky fitness tech and if your keen to see what 2019 will bring, head over to our Must-Have Fitness Tech for 2019:

 33 - Running Running - BLUETOOTH MUSIC HAT KALENJI - Running Clothing

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Image result for night runner headlights trainers


You can read more about the Must-Have Fitness Trends for 2019!


Fitness for older adults

After the WORLDWIDE SURVEY OF FITNESS TRENDS FOR 2019 was carried out by ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal (22(6):10-17, November/December 2018) we saw that the fourth ‘most likely’ trend to occur in 2019 was more gyms and workout zones catering for older adults. With an ageing population in the UK, this is a trend set to continue with the concept enabling many more older people to stay or become active, maintaining their mobility and potentially overall health. Age UK is just one of the many organsiations offering dedicated classes. Here’s an exert from the report from the Health & Fitness Journal:

“These individuals in general have more discretionary money than their younger counterparts, and fitness clubs may capitalize on this growing market. People are living longer, working longer, and remaining healthy and active much longer. This trend is making a strong return after being in the top 10 since 2007 (when it was the #2 trend) before dropping to #11 for 2017. Last year, fitness programs for older adults was the #9 trend.”


Sustainability, Not Intensity

Less of a trend, more a realisation. For years, we’ve seen high intensity interval training (HIIT) all over Instagram, as well as bulking regimes and tonnes of protein powders claiming to be the reason why. Now, there’s considered to be less focus on achieving maximum results, with far more emphasis on just being sustainable and healthy.
Protein is one of the most important foods with weight gaining or muscle building, but now with a rapidly growing percentage of veganism and vegetarianism, being healthy and eating nuts, seeds and other alternative natural substitutes are becoming ever more popular. Especially with social media influencers encouraging these alternative diets.
It’s not just sustainable workouts that’s taking the world by storm, it’s also nutrition and diet. This holistic view is what works for professional athletes and will absolutely be a way for the majority of us to ease into a happy and healthy routine.


            So whatever your age, we hope there’s something for you to enjoy in the new year and we hope you see the results you want. Tell us what works for you….


Team Jordan

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