The revolutionary football game taking the world by storm, Teqball is fast becoming a vital training tool for professional football clubs all around the world.

Teqball provides elite sports professionals with a low impact, no contact clean form of football. Now a staple in many football training grounds, the game challenges players in different ways by forcing them to focus on their ball handling and control.

Teqball helps develop technique, stamina and regain confidence with touches and skills as if training on a pitch. The curved tabletop encourages the ball to bounce outwards, ultimately testing its players to react quickly both mentally and physically, with the ultimate goal of preparing for match day.

Teqball is not just for professional footballers - The best part about this sport is that anyone can get involved.

Schools, Universities, Leisure Centres and community hubs are in an ideal place to offer Teqball sessions to further encourage physical activity amongst their audience.

The Teqball tables are suitable for multiple ages and can withstand outdoor conditions – sounds like the perfect summer game, right?

“Kids love Teqball because it’s fun. But the most important thing they get out of it is communication. Players need to communicate and think as a team while playing two against two and that is important for young players to prepare for the future.” - (Simão Sabrosa, former Portuguese professional footballer.)

Teqball ambassador – Ronaldinho (Footballing legend and ambassador for Barcelona FC), was advocating the benefits of Teqball to young players even before partnering with the federation (FITEQ). Ronaldinho is not the only one to recognise the value of Teqball in training, AZ Alkmaar (Dutch professional football club)  recently installed the tables in its academy as part of the ‘Performance Playground’ for its talented athletes.

In fact, nine Premier League clubs have installed Teqball Smart tables on their grounds, and they continue to grow. Players from Chelsea, Arsenal, Norwich City, Manchester United, Wolverhampton, Everton, Southampton, Burnley, Watford and more have all adopted the sporting game into their training regimes.

Want to become a TEQer?

Teqball has its very own World Championship which an estimated 2,000 players in more than 100 countries. Could you be the next champion? Take a look at how you could get involved in competing as a Teqball Pro.

Buying a Teqball table

As an official UK Teqball supplier we offer professional Teqball tables for commercial use (Smart/One table) through to home use (Teq LITE). Find out more about our range of Teqball tables and invest in your future with this innovative training concept.




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