Jordan Gill in the boxing ring 2017The undefeated, professional, featherweight boxer, Jordan Gill, has recently been at Jordan Fitness HQ to tell us a little about his success over the years and what exciting things are to come. 

From a young age, Jordan Gill was full of energy and athleticism, but struggled to filter his adventurous side into something good, instead getting himself into trouble. At four years old, Jordan’s father had to find a sanctuary for him to filter his energy into, so due to his past in boxing, he opened the doors to the world of boxing! After years of developing a wide knowledge and skill set, Jordan Gill started training with the incredible Dominic and Brendan Ingle. He received a great deal of support from the two and Jordan says, “the Ingles truly helped me get to where I am today.”

As Jordan progressed in the sport, competing from 11 years old, nationally, he began training and sparring with the likes of Kid Galahad and Kell Brook. Gill says, “training with Galahad and Brook is amazing; it’s competitive which keeps me on my toes and helps me stay focussed on my vision for the future!” Another key individual in Jordan’s boxing career is Danny Wilson. Gill says that training with Danny Wilson has made him, “a better boxer” as he is “stronger, more compact, more powerful and a lot less prone to injury.”

Jordan also points out that the sponsorship from us at Jordan Fitness over the past 3 years has helped him ‘massively’. He “enjoys using Jordan equipment” and feels, “the products enhance his workouts, especially during Strength and Conditioning Training.”

After an excellent start to his boxing career, Jordan is excited to announce 2017 will be a ‘big year!’ He will be appearing in Journeyman, a Paddy Considine film as well as fighting for a title in February… Jordan is keeping us on our toes at the moment, keeping the information on the title TOP SECRET!

We’d like to Congratulate Jordan on a great few years and we are proud to be sponsoring such an incredible athlete. Make sure you keep an eye out for the name Jordan Gill in the coming year, as Jordan himself puts it – “there’s going to be fireworks!”

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