Grenade Fit has recently opened the doors to its brand new facility in Chichester on 4th July 2016.

Starting with a humble vision of “an amazing, judgement-free environment, full of positivity and fun,” Jamie Alderton, otherwise known as Grenade Jay, has built up a facility with a great reputation. Jamie is a great player in the fitness industry, with a huge following. He is known to be one of the UK’s Top Body Transforming Coaches and has transformed the lives of thousands of people. His passion has driven him to be ‘not just another PT’, leading to the development of the amazing Grenade Fit facility.

“I created a gym facility that caters to peoples wants and needs. To train in an environment that is inviting and friendly with the very best equipment and trainers dedicated to getting everyone that walks in the door results” said Grenade Jay.

As well as offering a gym with a welcoming attitude and the knowledge to push you to your limits, the new Grenade Fit gym has been made to the highest standards. To ensure a good-quality and bespoke finish, Jamie Alderton chose to use Jordan Fitness to supply the facility with custom-branded discs, benches, dumbbells, racks, Olympic bars and more.

“We are proud to offer a custom branding service as we understand the importance of brand consistency. As you can see in this instance, the new Grenade Fit facility looks impressive with their logo and brand colour on most of the products,” said Scott Lamber, Global Trade Sales Manager at Jordan Fitness. 

After 12 weeks of building the magnificent gym, it opened in July to the public, and it has certainly proved to be popular already. “The gym has been extremely busy since its opening hitting client capacity in just a few weeks and with people from all over coming down to book a session pass and soaking up the experience of the Grenade FIT Gym”, Jamie Alderton tells us.


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