If you're thinking about opening a CrossFit® gym, here's the equipment essentials you'll need to invest in to create the ultimate CrossFit® Box.

CrossFit® has been one of the most renowned physical innovation concepts since its establishment in 2000, by Founder Greg Glassman.

Based on the simple principle that each member undertakes a strict health and nutrition programme, CrossFit® has become one of the most popular fitness regime's of all time, boasting over 15,000 of its very own qualified affiliated coaches - and still counting. With around 580 Affiliates in the UK, there is still plenty of room for growth.

Why is the CrossFit® gym called a “Box”?

Removing the word “gym” and replacing it with “box”, the CrossFit® Boxes are simple, functional and without the “chrome and tone” aesthetic of many gyms we’re used to seeing.

Simply consisting of 4 concrete walls and the racks and equipment required for a CrossFit® WOD (workout of the day), the boxes are a workout heaven so some, if not most – hence why the brand has gone from strength to strength over the years. The general view of a box is that it’s very hardcore, robust and simple to use, which is why hundreds of sites have opened in and around the UK.

How do I build my own Box?

Premium quality, extreme durability and equipment performance are all vital when opening a box gym. This guide will explain everything you need to know before opening your very own CrossFit® Box.


  • Classic Rubber Dumbbells, are an alternative to the classic Hex shape, and have the right durability and style to look great in a Box. A full set from the lowest to highest weight and a matching rack to compliment will be required in your gym.
  • Hex Dumbbells, are the most popular amongst CrossFit® boxes. With the anti-roll design, a full set of these and matching rack seriously look the part in a CrossFit® box.
  • Dumbbell Rack, we offer a 10 pair or 12 pair tiered rack to fit the full set of dumbbells. These are a must for keeping your box clean, tidy and organised. 
  • Cast Iron Kettlebells, a complete set with a matching rack is the perfect durability for a Box. Our cast-ion range stands the test of time with re-engineered steel and a matt finish to withstand all of the knocks, bumps and drops a CrossFit® kettlebell experiences – perfect! (Check out our Competition Kettlebells if you want to add a bit of variation and colour).
  • High Grade Black Rubber Bumper Plates, perfect for Olympic weightlifting, our black bumpers consist of High-grade solid virgin rubber discs that will not break or distort through Olympic lifting movements - these plates also look the part. (If you want to add a bit of colour to your Box, our High-Grade Coloured Olympic Plates are perfect too).
  • Olympic Weight Tree, is a must for your bumper plate storage. Holding up to 300kg, the rack has rubber feet to prevent slipping and marks when in use. A perfect rack that is easy to use!
  • Elite Steel Performance Bar, our high-performance Olympic bar is tough and hard wearing, with a durable brush-steel finish. Weighing in at 20kg, these bars are perfect for the snatch, clean & jerk, modified lifts; deadlifts, thrusts and Olympic pulls. If you have plenty of space, our 6ft Training Bar would also be a great addition to a Box, as it allows newcomers and beginners to practise lifting at a fraction of the weight of a normal bar (at only 7kg!).
  • Wall Mounted or Floor Bar Holders, are a must with your bars. We provide a wall mounted design, simple and robust, that holds 6 bars, perfect for solid Box walls and a great solution for small spaces. Our vertical Olympic Bar Holder holds up to 8 bars and looks the part in any CrossFit® space you may have. Made from mild steel and plastic inserts, the holder is scratch-proof and durable.
  • Adjustable Incline/Decline Bench & Flat Bench are required for any CrossFitters workout. Our range of benches come in grey and black, completing the aesthetic look of any Box.
  • Quick-Lock Collars, are a necessity for securing those heavy plates onto an Olympic Bar. Easy to use mechanism, perfect for beginners/newcomers and with the black plastic composition, they’ll eliminate damage to your new bars, compared to the original conventional collars.
  • Plyometric Boxes, vital for a CrossFit® gym as functional training is one of its most important methods of training. Our Soft Plyos consist of high density foam blocks with non slip vinyl covers provide a soft surface that reduces stress on joints during landing. Great alternative for beginners to wooden boxes.
  • Ab Mats, are simple but a brilliant accessory that allows users to perform more effective sit-ups and crunches, while reducing discomfort and sustaining better balance.
  • Gym Rings, arguably one of the most popular pieces of Calisthenic equipment for strength and bodyweight training, you cannot have a Box without these! Our rings come in a plastic or classic wooden design and has adjustable bands to suit varying heights.
  • Tornado AirBike, one of Gym Gear's most popular cardio and strength training machines, the AirBike gives high resistance, a dual-action design to incorporate both upper and lower body movement and an adjustable seat, all built into one amazing concept. Take a look at the Gym Gear Rower for more cardio equipment to add to your box!
  • Heavy/Extra Heavy Weight Speed-Rope, our skipping ropes are suitable for CrossFitters looking to better their strength and stamina. A patent leather adjustment feature allows the rope to match the height requirement of its users. Durable ball-bearing handles make these ropes long-lasting and perfect for a heavy-duty CrossFit® Box.
  • Gym Hammer, will provide CrossFitters with all-over strength, endurance and co-ordination. Ideal for beginners or CrossFit® athletes. Typical training exercises include hammer smash, triceps blaster and ‘The Fireman’
  • Wall Mounted Chin Bar, a great concept for a smaller space and with comfortable rubber grips and a steel frame, athletes of all shapes and sizes can smash out a great upper body workout on these bars.
  • Heavy Duty Squat Stand & Squat Racks are vital for strength development in your box. Include these, and newcomers and athletes will be given a variety of weight training options, keeping them happy all around.
  • Hamstring/Glute Developer, another important machine for developing the hamstring and glutes, by keeping your athletes safe and injury free from our dual rollers for ankle stability and improved padding for extra comfort while they develop their lower body. 
  • Olympic Lifting Platform, a necessity for Olympic weightlifting in your box. You will not get a CrossFit® gym without one!
  • Medicine Balls, for group training or individual development, the med balls come in a variety of weights to suit the client and are one of the most important training methods for functional exercises.
  • Ignite Monkey Bar Rigs, make the CrossFit® experience complete. With a wide range of functional training attachments and options to add attachments, not only the Monkey Bar Rig, but our range of rigs go hand in hand in a well-equipped box gym!
  • Flooring: Our Activ and Rubber Fleck flooring range can finish off a well-presented CrossFit® Box experience. Premium quality and unimaginable durability, our heavy-duty flooring can take the biggest knocks, drops and pressure you might have in your box – ultimately leaving you worry free!

Visit our CrossFit® Essentials page for more equipment for your box!

CrossFit® is a branded fitness regimen created by Greg Glassman. It is a registered trademark of CrossFit®, Inc. which was founded by Glassman and Lauren Jenai in 2000. This article references CrossFit® and is considered to be nominative fair use. Jordan Fitness makes no claim of owning, being related to or owned or controlled by, being under common control with, or sanctioned by, approved by, or endorsed by, CrossFit®. 
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