You work(out) hard enough so we've put together this gift guide so you don't have to go through thousands of fitness gifts to find the best one that your uncle Steve, brother Nick, step-sister Ronnie, cousin Lewis, best-friend Harley, or PT Vanessa will love...


Lift it, swing it, curl it… this is the ultimate functional training tool that builds strength and power. Also could be useful as a shoulder pillow after Christmas dinner.
Flex-bag - £48.00

With their wipe clean neoprene, cousin Lewis can rock these in the kitchen when he's getting the dinner ready at home on a Monday night and pack a few curls in while it's cooking in the oven.
Neoprene Studio Hex Dumbbells - Starting from £4.56 per pair

Help your favourite yogi or yourself to achieve those hard-to-reach yoga poses, as well as holding poses for longer with the Yoga Stretch Strap for less than a fiver.
Yoga Stretch Strap £4.20

There is a lot you can do with just a resistance band. No need for fancy weight sets to start with. Get the full set and play a part in their fitness progression. They can thank you afterwards.
Jordan Lifting Club Fabric Resistance Bands Full Set with bag - £14.99



Need another yoga gift? Yoga blocks are great for beginners or advanced yogis. Deepen your flexibility and enhance your practice by adding lift, helping stabilisation, and adding height to standing and balancing poses.
Foam Yoga Block - £5.70

You don't often get commercial gym quality at home gym prices. Well in fact you never do. Except with Jordan Lifting Club. If you've got dumbbells on your list, you won't go wrong with these Hex Dumbbells.
Jordan Lifting Club Hex Dumbbell - From £6 per pair

Did someone say urethane dumbbells for less than £50???! 😲 Yes we did. On sale now at 30% off
Ignite V2 Urethane Dumbbells - From £14.28 per pair

Maverick said "I feel the need, the need for, SPEED!" We say, you don't know nothing about cardio until you've tried to jump rope.
Speed Rope - £17.40

It's time to lean into foam rolling and having muscles soft like butter, ready to glide into the next workout like a dream.
Foam Roller - £17.01

These superb gloves are ideal for sparring as they won’t punish your opponent. Superb pair of Velcro Boxing gloves that come into their own when sparring.
Hatton Pro Leather Velcro Gloves - £66.00


WARNING! This is not your standard exercise mat! Suitable for barefoot balance training and rehabilitation exercises, the AIREX Balance Pad is an essential tool for active therapy.
AIREX® Balance Pad - £60.00


Help them to improve their hand-eye co-ordination, speed, reaction time and agility with this essential piece of affordable boxing training kit.
Hatton Floor-to-Ceiling Ball - £46.20

Made by hand in our Great British Foundry, these commercial Cast Iron Kettlebells are beautifully designed, ready to swing, lift and snatch.
Jordan Lifting Club Kettlebells - From £43.20



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