If you looked at your workout space over the holidays and thought it could do with a spring clean you're probably not alone.

With so much attention on the kit and training, who has time or energy to get excited about where it's all going to live.

We have to admit though we love to see everything lined up in a row or neatly in it's home and can geek out over racks and rigs storing all our favourites anytime.

If you, like us, get excited about Netflix' The Home Edit or you've been trying to Marie Kondo your fitness space for years we're here for it.

We know you know but sometimes it is necessary (and motivating) to be reminded. Just like we need to hear that eating fruit everyday is good for us (when that tub of B&J in the freezer is just calling our name), we all likely need to hear why it contributes to a happier and healthier life to keep your gym space in check.

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Here are our top 7 reasons to get serious about storage:

Safety - Nobody wants to be tripping over a cable attachment or chasing a medicine ball down the stairs.

Space - Gym equipment stored effectively means you can max your workout space and if you're a gym owner that means maxing out your ROI per metre sq.

Calming - With all your gym kit potentially laying around everywhere it is asking for your attention all the time to put it away. So give it a home and give your mind a rest.

Member happiness - If the kit has a home it means they will be able to find it. No home means unhappy members spending their workout time looking for kit when they should be working out.

Protection - Well stored kit is less likely to get damaged! Tripping over gym kit is not only dangerous for the person doing so but also hazardous for your kit causing unnecessary wear and tear.

Stock check - Give yourself the ability to see what you've got at a glance. Just like your wardrobe can get overcrowded with Gymshark leggings and a repeat purchase is likely (trust us, you already own them in Hoya Green) and if not organised your situation with your gym equipment could be the same. Plus it allows your members to see what you've got too, even if it isn't there. An empty 20kg slot on the Dumbbell Rack, they know it's in the gym but it's just in use right now

Lost kit - You'd be less likely to misplace your gym kit if it lived in its home when not in use instead of out there somewhere on the gym floor or buried in your bedroom or garage! AND, if all of your gym equipment went back to it's home after you used it, you'd spend less time tidying up.

*Adds Dumbbell Rack to cart*


> See our Storage Collection here. Use code THEGYMEDIT for 20% OFF! <

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