Are you unsure whether working out in a gym exclusively is for you? Or do you just fancy a change in environment sometimes to keep you motivated on your fitness journey?

Home gyms are a great alternative to commuting to the gym multiple times a week, and you don’t even need a very large area of space to have one! We all know that one of the first thoughts that come to mind is the expense of buying equipment, but there’s no better time than Black Friday to fill your home gym space with 25% off top-quality kit!

And don’t be disappointed if you can’t wait until the 26th November, our Black Friday deals are actually starting EARLY with UP TO £180 OFF THERAGUN BY THERABODY!

Here are some of our top Black Friday picks for fitness lovers:

  1. Pump sets (Urethane & Rubber)

Our pump sets are a perfect addition to your home gym, as the carefully designed grip is perfect for a wide range of hand weight exercises. Coming in 2 variations of urethane and rubber plates, there are plenty of options to suit your needs. The plates in both variations of the set are also extremely durable, allowing you to trust that any investment in top quality equipment will last you for a very long time.

Want to see them in action? Watch the video below!


  1. Kettlebells

We offer a wide range of kettlebells suitable for all your fitness needs that are 25% off for Black Friday! If you’re unsure which to go for, here is a mini guide:

  • Cast Iron Kettlebells – one of our best sellers, these cast iron kettlebells are finished off with a matte coating that looks great and with withstand knocks from your workouts so you don’t have to worry about them being damaged!
  • Chrome/Rubber Kettlebells – the top quality rubber used to make these kettlebells will not mark or scuff the flooring that you use it on, so you can be sure that there will be no damage to your home. The smooth chrome handle is also very easy to grip, making your workout easier than ever.
  • Neoprene Covered Kettlebell – these kettlebells are a great value option, with their vibrant colours adding a bit of life into your home gym space. The neoprene covering also will not cause any damage to flooring which is a must!
  • Competition Kettlebell – the large, flat stable base of this kettlebell allows you to easily perform floor-based exercises, and the super-smooth handle allows for a comfortable workout.


  1. Rubber dumbbells

A firm favourite amongst all Jordan Fitness customers, our classic rubber dumbbells are a great value option for a wide range of exercises including bodybuilding, CrossFit and functional training. Available either individually or in sets, the dumbbells will also not cause any damage to any gym benches or flooring.


  1. Olympic discs

Olympic discs are a staple in any gym environment, made from super strong rubber and solid metal allowing you to lift to your heart’s desire without the worry of them becoming damaged! We offer a range of Olympic discs, including:

  • Classic Urethane Olympic Discs – perfect for those with a gym or PT studio, these durable discs are perfect for various machines as well as classic bench presses and squats. The stylish design is impressive and looks great in your gym space!
  • Classic Premium Rubber Olympic Discs – a great value option, these discs are perfect for any gym lover, whether you are a newcomer or a bit more experienced. These are to be used for squats or lifting with a gym rack, as they are not appropriate for dropping.
  • Ignite V2 Olympic Discs – these discs feature an innovative, registered anti-roll design which makes them more stylish and safe.


  1. Bars

We offer a very wide range of bars to suit all abilities and needs – check out our website to view them all.

  • Ultimate Olympic Bars
  • Elite Steel High Performance Olympic Bar
  • Aluminium Training Bar (6ft)
  • Steel Series Straight Olympic Bar with bearings
  • Steel Series EX Curl Bar with bearings
  • Steel Series Super Curl Bar with bearings
  • Shadow Olympic Bar

25% off is one of our biggest sales ever to date and you need to take advantage of it to stock up on your favourite gym equipment!


These bits of equipment are not the only things that are 25% off – visit our website to shop it all!

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