Product of the month : New Curl Barbells

Jordan Fitness, the functional fitness specialists, has introduced new Curl Barbells to their range of high quality and affordable free weight solutions.

The new Jordan Fitness Curl Barbells complement the established Jordan Fitness range of straight bar barbells with solid rubber ends. Stylish and durable with an odourless black rubber finish, the Curl Barbells will not chip or damage machines; with the rubber virtually eliminating the "clanking" of barbells.

The Jordan Fitness Curl Barbells feature chrome easy-grip handles, raised number weight identification and the unique J-lock system helps prevent loosening of the barbell head and so  minimises maintenance.

With an internal handle length of 110cm and available in 10kg—60kg weights, the new Jordan Fitness Curl Barbell has a compact one piece design ; offering  a durable barbell with excellent balance.

The Jordan Fitness Curl Barbells are also available as a selection of 10kg to 45kg weights with a stylish rack.

Allan Collins, Jordan Fitness’ Director of Education says, “Curl bars are more comfortable than straight bars for a number of common resistance exercises, such as triceps extensions, as it reduces the stress on the wrist and forearm. For standing bicep curls or preacher curls, the forearm is not forced into a fully supinated position (hands facing up), but almost semi-supinated, whilst for reverse curls the forearm is semi-pronated (hands facing down). This more advantageous position is more comfortable and allows slightly more load to be lifted, helping to achieve greater results”.

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