Even if you only invite them to 50% of your workouts, we think you'll be at least 150% better off towards your workout goals, happiness, and just all round good gym feeling. Don't have a gym buddy? Look around, we're sure there will be some friendly supportive faces at your local gym.

Who's going to laugh with you, at your 90kg Deadlift face, or help you stack the plates either end when you haven't got a JLC Barbell Jack? You might prefer to bench solo but those breaks between sets are going to get really dull on those days you didn't pack your playlist.

Let's start with this one first because really it's the most important. If you don't get yourself to the gym, you can't do your workout. Set the date with your buddy and you know you're both going to have to show up otherwise the other is going to be seriously upset that they dragged themselves to the weights and missed out binging Stranger Things because you couldn't be bothered. And they are going to want you to explain yourself.

You've undoubtedly picked the best training partner, and you want to be the best for them too so you'll keep encouraging and motivating each other to keep up the good fight!

You're not training together just to keep yourselves entertained. No. You're there to watch each others back, literally. Gyms. especially strength training can be dangerous so always try to team up with someone if you're stacking the plates on the bar.

Your buddy isn't just your gym partner they are also your competition. You see your buddy getting better, and lifting heavier so it naturally encourages you to stick the path and keep putting in the effort to eat right and train right. So you can hit more reps than them :)

You can both speed through your workouts if you've got a good routine. Take it in turns to push out the reps and speed up your workouts with no rests between sets.

Your buddy knows your journey and you know theirs so it makes it easier to talk about goals and where you want your training to go together. Plus you can plan your trip to Wodapalooza when you next hit the protein bar together for a shake.


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