Competition Kettlebells are the latest addition to the extensive range of performance equipment designed, manufactured and supplied by Jordan Fitness, the UK's largest stockists of kettlebells.

Already popular in CrossFit and mixed martial arts gyms, Jordan Fitness' range of Competition Kettlebells has been designed for maximum resilience, durability and support as part of any functional training workout programme. Also suitable for outdoor use, the range has been manufactured to competition standards, meeting specific requirements for handle diameter and bell dimension.

Designed with a larger base than other kettlebells, the Competition range ensures greater levels of stability allowing the user to carry out floor exercises such as press ups and dips in a safer and more efficient way. The uniform design of the shape and size of each kettlebell across all weights also ensures that the products are suitable for both male and female use.

Competition Kettlebells are available in a variety of weights from 8kg-40kg, all of which are colour coded for ease of identification. Prices start at £27.93 + VAT (excluding delivery).

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