With the New Year kicking off many peoples’ fitness regimes,  Jordan Fitness have yet again been able to support the ITV show ‘Biggest Loser’ which airs on television at this time of year.  Jordan have been the choice for this productions functional fitness equipment for the third year running.

Jordan have supplied a variety of functional fitness equipment including kettlebells, Powerbags, dumbells, barbells, combat equipment, our brand new Alpha bags, Plyometric platforms, tornado balls, medicine balls and the body weight suspension training system ‘Milo Kit’.  All this equipment will be used over the duration of the fitness and weight loss series as the contestants fight to become the ‘Biggest Loser’ by losing the most amount of weight.

The personal trainers on the show use the Jordan equipment along side cardio vascular equipment to help the contestants lose the maximum amount of weight over the eight weeks of the competition.
People do not always appreciate the benefit of using functional and free weight equipment in their fitness and weight loss programmes.  Jordan Fitness have been at the forefront of developing functional fitness equipment for many years now and consider themselves as specialists in this field.  All of the Jordan range of functional fitness equipment is of commercial quality and are priced competively.

This type of programme helps to promote the fact that anybody, however much weight they have to loose, with the right help, encouragement and determination can achieve their goals.

The show ‘Biggest Loser’ is currently being shown on ITV1 and ITV1HD on Tuesday nights from 9pm.  It is hosted this year by television personality Davina McCall.
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