Jordan Fitness has introduced their new-and-improved Pro Sandbag this month.

The product has been redesigned to improve its durability, functionality and aesthetics. The new Ignite® design features stronger Velcro tabs, a premium look and new feel to the bag. Its construction is superior compared to other sandbags of on the market.

As with any Sandbag, the bag changes every time you move it, making the workout challenging and effective. The Jordan Pro Sandbag features a robust ‘rigid’ structure, maintaining its shape throughout the workout with all the advantages of the moving sand within.

The Pro Sandbag works to improve your strength and endurance. It can be caught and thrown just like a medicine ball, using your energy expenditure to accelerate your metabolism.

Designed with additional handles, your training can include movements that are suitable for both individual and partner exercises. This allows a much wider range of people to benefit from the strength, power and endurance that these movements develop.

Primarily the Pro Sandbag is designed to make complex Olympic Weightlifting exercises, such as Cleans, Snatches, Presses, Squats etc, far more user friendly and easy to learn. If you’re in doubt, the QR code offers a direct line to training videos of varying intensities - made by our Training Academy Manager, Mark Laws.

The Sandbag Pro is available in a number of colour-coded weights. For more information or to order now, visit

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