Bannatynes have been demonstrating why they remain one of the premium health club chains in the UK by continuing to upgrade and update the facilities at their clubs.

Staff and members at Bannatynes Newport are the latest to benefit from the introduction of a truly 'functional' training space.

For years the mezzanine balcony was home to a handful of excess pieces of cardio equipment and resistance machines, but this forward thinking team have transformed this space into an incredible place for all manner of Personal Training and Group Exercise sessions.

Training Academy Manager Mark Laws explains "The brief was to create an area which could be used by all members and give them a truly multi-purpose functional space. By using different coloured sections of flooring we have created different training areas but at the same time we are taking advantage of the amount of space available. The floor markings add to the look, feel and versatility of the space too".

Fitness Manager Steven Edwards also made the crucial decision for his team to undergo thorough training in order to get the most out of their new training area. "We are absolutely delighted with the new equipment and the layout. Our team were all really excited and hugely motivated to get started but we made the decision to get a training course to ensure everyone had the confidence and competence to do things properly. The course was fantastic and has given us some great ideas and the knowledge to get the best out of our wonderful functional workout area. We would highly recommend the Functional Fitness Workshop to anyone who has invested in a similar area".

Personal Trainer at Bannatynes Newport Naomi Williams-Wadley added "I really enjoyed this course and picked up a lot of different ideas which i can use with my clients straight away. All in all it was a very good day".

Training Academy Manager Mark Laws added "Far too often people invest a lot of money into new equipment for their staff and members to use but don't follow this up with any formal training - in the long run there is a much higher chance that they won't get as good a return on their investment as a site that appreciates the benefit of training. Our Functional Fitness Workshop can be tailored to suit the needs of any gym owner, depending on the experience of their team and the types of equipment they have at their disposal. I really enjoyed working with the Bannatynes Newport team, they have an incredible place to work and hopefully now they will all be delivering sessions which match the quality of their surroundings".

For details on hosting a Functional Fitness Workshop at your facility then email right now.

Alternatively you could book individual spaces on the timetabled courses at our HQ each month. Visit for upcoming dates.

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