What an amazing weekend we had at BodyPower Expo 2016! The show kicked off on Friday 13th with a wave of people eager to try out all of the challenges and products on offer.

This year we created an adult playground, filled with our products for you guys to play with. We had Slam Balls, Sandbags, Olympic Weights and Bars, PowerWaves, Plyoblocks, Cormax Bags, Suspension Trainers, a massive double Ignite Rig and more! With the double Ignite Rig installed and plenty of room to play, all sorts of mini games arose! The monkey bars were ever popular along with our new products, the Cormax Bags. The giant ‘Cormax Beast’ is a product to look out for, seeming easy at first, it left a lot of challengers defeated! There were plenty of competitions running throughout the weekend to see who could jump the highest but many of you couldn’t complete the full stack! However, the people involved were awesome jumpers and certainly gave our ‘pro’ a run for his money!

Alongside some great products, we had some great speakers and instructors too. To get the ball rolling, we started with demos from the Jordan Elite Team, followed by some hard-core demonstrations from the PowerWave team. The PowerWave guys pushed themselves and displayed exactly what the PowerWave entails – plenty of sweat and tears!

If you were lucky enough to be on our stand on Saturday, you’ll know that we were joined by the legend, Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton. Ricky spoilt us with some pad work and even gave three lucky spectators a turn to go up against him! The Hatton Academy Team also displayed their incredible skill throughout the weekend.

As well as a great selection of product demos, we were pleased to present Ben Coomber on our stand. Ben really drew the crowds in with his brilliantly realistic approach to health, fitness, nutrition and life! It was obvious that those who caught him, took away a bucket load of knowledge! Brendan Chaplin also shared his knowledge on our stand this year, giving some in depth explanations on performance training methods.

The team at Jordan Fitness had a great time meeting a huge selection of fitness enthusiasts and it was amazing to see everybody enjoying our products. Natasha burrows, Senior Account Manager at Jordan Fitness has said that, "BodyPower is always a great opportunity to meet with customers, new and old, as well as meeting others who are passionate about fitness. It's been so much fun interacting with people this year, listening to their ideas, experiences and seeing them enjoy our products!"

The team and spectators have enjoyed the weekend at BodyPower 2016

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