Bear Grylls Survival RaceThe return of the Bear Grylls Survival Race in Cambridge this August will mark the introduction of their new official equipment supplier – Jordan Fitness, Europe's leading independent supplier of Functional Fitness equipment and educational programmes.

Entering its second year, The Bear Grylls Survival Race is fast becoming the ultimate test of fitness and endurance in the UK. Four events are scheduled this summer, each including a 5k and 10k survival race, a Kids Survival Race and an Outdoor Festival, culminating in a one-off, epic 30k survival race in London on October 9.

The Bear Grylls Survival Race takes the growing genre of adventurous obstacle course challenges to an entirely new level. With a focus on real life scenarios and tough terrain running across jungle, mountain, desert and arctic environments, the Bear Grylls Survival Race offers so much more than the standard ‘muddy’ run.

As Bear explains, “This is about empowering people to test and extend their adventure fitness, using the type of obstacles that I have often encountered in the wild. We all have an edge, and this race is designed to push those physical and mental limits, to there & beyond.”

Jordan Fitness is supplying a wide range of equipment, tailored to the numerous individual challenges in the races. Highlights include rope balls, for working the core, shoulders, arms, back and lower body; the exciting new functional training ladders, which use instability to ensure an extreme core, balance and proprioceptive workout; training ropes, for shoulder and upper body exercise; plyometric boxes to test agility, balance and lower body strength; and gym hammers for upper body strength and co-ordination.

Jordan Fitness managing director Zak Pitt says: “We are thrilled to partner with the Bear Grylls Survival Race. As you can see, our equipment will provide a full range of challenges to participants, across all levels of fitness and suitable for all ages, ensuring that no exercise and no part of the body is left out: the complete survival challenge.”

To see Jordan Fitness equipment in action, you can participate or visit the Bear Grylls Survival Race in Cambridge (August 20), Edinburgh (September 3), Manchester (September 24) and London (October 8 & 9).

Visit their website for more details.

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