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Premium Heavy Duty Squat Stand


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The freestanding Jordan Squat Stands are ideal for use in a gym or Studio where maximising space is key, and a full Power Rack may be unsuitable. They are easier to move to a different area, and don't require drilling to the floor unlike many other Power Racks. With a smaller footprint they are great for use on their own, with a bench, or with a weightlifting platform.

Product description

• Smaller footprint than a full Power Rack

• More cost effective than a full Power Rack

• Can be used with Jordan Benches or Weightlifting Platforms

• Easily moveable - not required to be drilled to the floor

• Can be used with a full-length Olympic 7ft bar

• Adjustable Squat Stands, safety squat bars, and adjustable width

• Made from oval steel tubing, coating in our durable "Tuff Coat" finish

• Adjustable width using a simple screw system


Height of main squat hooks - Min 950mm - Max 1598mm

Height of safety squat bars - Min 429mm - Max 728mm

Width 1380mm, Depth 1450mm

Want to personalise your rack?
You can choose from hundreds of colours for your rack to match your gym / health clubs brand colouring. Find out more about our Powder Coating service.

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