Product Innovation & Development

Here at Jordan fitness we have a wide ranging base of skills based on years of industry experience. Our designers work with our fitness specialists to produce innovative new designs that are developed to meet your needs.
Our unrivalled experience of the fitness industry coupled with our design and engineering skills allow us to experiment, research and develop new and improved solutions. Jordan products are the result of our specialist knowledge allowing us to develop new perspectives and innovative ideas. Designs are fully considered for performance and ease of use, engineered and delivered with cutting-edge aesthetics.
+ Market leading brand defining ‘form follows function’ styling

+ New material combination research

+ Model Centric 3D Design process

+ Ergonomically driven solutions

+ Structural and material analysis

+ Multidisciplinary collaboration & experience

+ Digital prototyping and 3D printing

+ Functionally tested products

To us it is all about your interaction with the product which is why we take the ergonomic and human interfacing aspects of the design very seriously. Creativity imagination and technical knowledge all come together with a passion to deliver products with a real competitive edge.
Working with our global supply base we fully utilise the latest digital manufacturing methodologies to ensure that our ideas are accurately and efficiently reproduced with no loss of design intent.
We collaborate with our customers, listening and learning from their needs and requirements. This approach coupled with our own technical understanding of end users needs delivers innovative interactive solutions.


At the core of our design process is the use of industry leading parametric 3-D Computer Aided Design. We use a process called MCD (Model Centric Design) based on parametric 3D CAD data. Parts and components are assembled in virtual space, the same way you would assemble the real components. Colours and graphics are then added to the design and this allows us to create photorealistic images of the final product.
The MCD design data is then used for other purposes such as virtual testing (FEA Finite Element Analysis), 3D printing, drawing creation, CNC machining, laser profiling and graphic export.
Infinite variations and configurations of the designs can be quickly generated to ensure all possible options have been explored before choosing the final option. Time to market is thus shortened allowing us to exercise a competitive edge over our rivals by knowing that we have invested in the very best thoroughly considered solution.  

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