Your New Home Gym Awaits

Looking for some home gym inspiration? Garden Office Pods can be used as an office and a workout space. Add out gym equipment solutions to diversify your options and workout from home whenever you like!



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Stylish Design

Our equipment is stylish and neutral in order to compliment the decor of any home gym space. No more garish coloured kit!

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Easy Storage

Our kit can be easily stored away so you never have to sacrifice valuable space for your workout ever again!

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Multiple Possibilities

Our kit can be used for a range of different workouts allowing you flexibility in your routine with minimal equipment.

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Choose Your Kit

You can fill your HIIT bench with multiple options including free weights, functional equipment and studio kit.

Discover the potential of Garden Pod Gyms

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Some of Our Favourite Home Gym Equipment 

  • Power Bands

    Used frequently in Powerlifting and in resistance training, these sturdy JORDAN Power Bands are great for bodyweight training and enable a progressive load to be added safely to barbell ends.
  • Full Yoga Set

    This set of essentials is perfect for those who don't want to attend in-person classes but still want the full yogi experience. Featuring a yoga mat, 2 foam blocks, stretch straps and soft foam roller all for just £59.99! 
  • HIIT Bench 

    Our JORDAN HIIT Bench is the perfect addition to a home gym space, as it packs a wide range of functionality into a small floor space. A 3-in-1 multi-functional training station, this product offers a weight bench, Plyo box and storage unit in 1.
  • Studio Pump X Barbell Set 

    The Perfect workout tool for a huge number of upper-body strength exercises, from shoulder press through to chest press and bicep curls. 
  • Dumbbells 

    Great-value rubber dumbbells featuring our classic design, this versatile dumbbell suits home users perfectly. Shop here.


Home Gym Buying Guide

Not sure where to start with equipment for your new gym space? We have created a handy guide to help pick out the best kit for you!


Looking for a home gym set-up?

Let us help you to select the right gym equipment for you that will support your fitness goals both short-term and long-term.
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